It seems that Microsoft does not finish hitting the release of updates for Windows 10. The recent history of problems caused by some patches released is more than interesting and now, based on the complaints of some users, the problems are repeated with the August cumulative update.

This month’s Patch Tuesday, is causing problems for some users who express their discontent on social networks and Microsoft forums. Affected after installing patches KB4549951 and KB4566782, released this month on August 11, which report crashes, performance problems, reboots and even blue screens. Patches released for Windows 10 2004, Windows 10 1909, and Windows 10 1903.

General faults and problems

Users who have installed the Build 18362.1016 for Windows 10 1909 or build 18363.1016 for Windows 10 1903, as well as the Build 19041.450 for Windows 10 2004. Users who express their dissatisfaction on reddit with opinions like this one in which they talk about problems with Windows Hello and blue screens on a Lenovo computer.

“Updates 19041.450 and 19041.423 (last month’s preview) give problems on my Thinkpad X390 when Hyper-V is installed. Windows Hello camera stops working and machine BSOD appears when it goes into hibernation or when trying to run Lenovo Vantage “.

Apparently, Lenovo computers are the main affected with Patch Tuesday. Apparently these August 2020 cumulative updates can cause problems if the Hyper-V, Intel virtualization, or Windows Sandbox features are enabled.

But it is not the only complaint and so another user talks about how Windows Explorer freezes, like the ability to use external hard drives is gone and how it has startup problems.

“This update has made my computer unusable. Windows Explorer starts and freezes. I can’t use my external hard drives. The boot freezes. All kinds of problems. Now I have to spend hours cleaning and reinstalling everything. “

Other complaints speak of performance issues, with slower computers when starting or executing system tasks.

“Whenever I try to open something, my screen freezes and I respond a few seconds later. It freezes frequently when I try to open a folder, video, music, code editor, Android emulator, Adobe XD or any other window that freezes” .

If this is your case and your computer has been affected by any of these problems, an effective solution is to eliminate the update that is causing the failures: a process that goes through “Setting”, “Update and security” and within it click on “View update history”. The next step is to use the option “Uninstall updates” marking the corresponding update and then clicking on the button “Uninstall”.