Generalization in video games..

Today we tend to generalize and label in practically everything, and video games are not spared from this “trend”. In words like “fanboy“or”rat Boy“We include groups of people too broad to be able to label them with a single word. To make it clearer, I give some examples.

1. The fanboy / girl (as a negative term)

For me, this term would define those players who practically adore a character (I have already clarified in the title that I mean the negative part of the word), and put it above all others. Yes, that typical little character who will tell you that the characters in your games are pathetic and that his is a thousand times better. In that case you would use this tag.

Generalization in video games.

But looking through various video game pages, I have come to realize that this term is now used every time someone defends or flatters a character that they like.

Example: The already more than typical debate on Assassin’s Believe. Of if Ezio is better than Connoryeah Altair better than both, etc. I’ve seen that many times, when you say why you like one character or another, there is a comment like: “You’re just another stupid Ezio fanboy.” I think that because you like one character more than another, you are not a hysterical fan or someone who should be discredited, it is simply about tastes and you have to respect each other’s and not label everything so much.

Generalization in video games.

2. The rat boy

Well, I start by saying that this topic is perhaps widely seen in these parts, but it falls within the topic I wanted to discuss, so I will present my opinion on this as well. Another very common label lately is “rat Boy“, which usually defines those we meet in online games, who call out insults at everything we do and manage to drive us out of our boxes …

In this case we have also started to label as “rat Boy“Any kid who plays games like Call of Duty, Minecraft, LoL, etc. All of them well-known games and with a large online community. I believe that they are games as valid as any other (whether we like them or not) and anyone is entitled to play them without having to wear a label because of some stupid person who wants to be annoying.

Generalization in video games.

3. The gamer

The label of labels around these parts. Lately it is being used by a lot of people as if it were an honorary title or a trophy. It is somewhat different from the previous ones, since those were derogatory and this one was not. The word gamer has come as a fashion among all kinds of different people, it seems that by saying “I am a gamer” one is better playing everything. So we meet people who say it is “gamer“for having played such a game one day and the one that he has been playing all his life and also decides to be”gamer“.

I believe, as a conclusion to this section and the general article, that these tags are totally unnecessary for both those who play and those who do not. The only thing that is achieved with them is to create differentiated groups and, in part, closed to others. It would be much easier for each one to have their own tastes without the need to classify themselves or put themselves above the others. That is, that a kid can play Call of Duty without being a “rat Boy“and that someone who plays video games for fun does not have to be the” most gamer in the yard “(perhaps it is a slightly strange comparison).

Generalization in video games.

I clarify that it is only my opinion, because I do not like that everything has to be labeled and I would like you to give yours, both for and against. And I know that there are many more typical labels such as “noob”, but that for example does not go as much into the subject I wanted to deal with.