Genshin Impact 1.1 PC Download – Fix size, launcher and slow updates.

It was about time the story of the free-to-play hit Genshin Impact continued. With version 1.1, the first chapter comes to an end with its third act with some nice missions. In addition, new characters are added, two already now – Tartaglia and Diona – two a little later – Zhongli and Childe – and let the ranks of characters grow to 27.

There are also new legends and world missions that contribute to the story, a new action starting next week, Monday, in which you can unlock Fischl, as well as countless new features – from the city view to various overdue comfort functions and a defusing of the Harz system. So there is a lot of new things to do and experience. And to discuss, even when it comes to downloading the update.

Genshin Impact 1.1 PC Download – Fix size, launcher and slow updates

Therefore we show you in the following, how as a PC player from Genshin Impact finds the launcher againhow big the download is and what you can do about slow updates.

Find the Genshin Impact PC – Launcher

On the other platforms, the Gacha-RPG pulls the necessary files by itself. If you are one of those PC gamers who have placed the game itself as a shortcut on the desktop or the taskbar, you bypass the launcher and then you have that Problem that the Genshin Impact PC client brought you back to the desktop with an error message telling you to start the launcher for the update. It just doesn’t work from within the game to pull the patch.

Genshin Impact 1.1 PC Download – Fix size, launcher and slow updates

But where do you find the launcher? To do this, you have to find out where you installed Genshin Impact. When the game is running, you can right-click the Genshin icon in the system tray and then right-click the icon that appears again. Then click with the left mouse button on Properties and the drive path is displayed in the “Shortcut” tab. Find the game’s installation folder on the drive shown, which should simply be called “Genshin Impact”.

Inside you will find a lot of folders and individual files. Scroll down a bit and you will find a file with a thumbnail of the game called “launcher” for the individual files – not under the folders. Run it and the launcher will greet you in the lower right corner with the option to download the update.

Genshin Impact 1.1 PC Download – Fix size, launcher and slow updates

Download size version 1.1

The download is not exactly small at 12.2GB. In fact, the entire game is only 16.5GB in total. Meanwhile, some players have complained about it, because the game should get a more comprehensive update about every six weeks.

When you consider that a Call of Duty feels every few days enriched with patches that are many times as large, you can smile about it. Still, of course, it’s strange when the download of a new version is three quarters the size of the overall game. Especially since new map areas are to be added soon, which will certainly increase the data volume again significantly.

Genshin Impact 1.1 PC Download – Fix size, launcher and slow updates

Maybe miHoYo can still optimize this?

Genshin Impact – slow download – this will help you download the game faster

The complaints about the download size also stem from the fact that miHoYo’s content could not always be downloaded at the optimal speed in the past. In many cases, the players had to wait longer than would have been expected with this amount of data. There is a remedy that has helped many, even if the tip reads a little unsatisfactory:

Just try again: Start the download, let it run a little, then pause it and close the launcher. Now you start it again and in many cases – astonishingly many users report – it then goes on much faster. We could see that too, but it’s not a scientifically proven method. At the same time, it is unlikely that so many players have fallen victim to a placebo effect. So: give it a try if the patch is too slow for you.

Genshin Impact 1.1 PC Download – Fix size, launcher and slow updates

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