Genshin Impact it is the phenomenon of the moment and apparently has also made the US fall in love despite the not exactly idyllic relationship with China. Some players have photographed a subway train of New York upholstered both inside and out with images dedicated to the game’s advertising campaign.

The images were published on Twitter and made the rounds of social media in a very short time. The train is completely covered with advertisements inviting commuters taking the subway to download the game. Even its interior is not far behind with the various characters inserted on the doors and between the seats. According to what has been reported for now it is only a convoy, the one that connects Grand Central to Times Square, but it is likely that others will arrive.

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The title is free-to-play, but inside there are loot boxes that allow players, for a fee, to get several powerful characters. In this regard, a streamer recently admitted that he spent $ 5,000 in-game, a figure that certainly does not go unnoticed.

We remind you that Genshin Impact is available for PC, PlayStation 4 and mobile devices.

Source: Twitter

Source : Reddit