Yesterday an insider tip from China that you should keep an eye on, Genshin Impact is now on everyone’s lips. Our video editor Ana and I also had a hard time and we noticed a few things that could help other players. Therefore, in the next few days there will be more and more helpful tips and tricks for the new free-to-play action role-playing game in the picturesque Zelda look, which is surprisingly generous.

As is the case for a character-based role-playing game with gacha mechanics – you “pray” against various currencies for drops in which there are weapons or new figures – we start with the tier list of currently 24 characters (25 if you have the Geo version of the player character, the “traveler”, counts). This is sorted from S (best) to D (weakest) and should give you an overview of which characters are the best in Genshin Impact. This helps you to put together your personal troop, to choose the strongest figure within the different element categories and thus closes the gaps in your squad.

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First of all: Don’t see this tier list as an invitation to cram a lot of money into the free-to-play mechanics just because you haven’t got any S-rank characters yet. With only one current exception, you are using all of these characters to create useful teams that are still effective deep into the adventure of Genshin Impact. Try out every character you get at least once and see if their talents suit your play style. Because this list cannot tell you that!

In addition, some of the list should change with upcoming content and balance updates. New characters are added, others improve or deteriorate. We will revise this list so that it is always up to date.

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Genshin Impact S-Tier – The strongest figures

Here you will only find the very best Genshin Impact characters – the proverbial six in the lottery. When they whiz down from heaven after a prayer, you can be sure that the game gods have heard you.

  • diluc (Damage Dealer, Pyro)
  • Fischl (Support, electronics)
  • Keqing (Damage Dealer, Electro)
  • Qiqi (Healer, cryo)
  • Twenty (Support, Anemo)
  • clover (Damage Dealer, Pyro)

1. clearer; Without a doubt the best damage dealer in the game at the moment, if things are going to get hot. Grass no longer grows where his mighty two-handed sword goes. With his special ability, a blazing phoenix rushes towards Diluc’s victim. Not exactly cheap if you want to unleash your full potential.

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2. Fischl: The “Princess of Condemnation”, also in the English translation, by the way. When it comes to supporters, Fischl is probably the character that fellow players without an archery electro heroine should be most envious of. The skills and bursts with the help of their raven Oz occupy entire groups of opponents with ease.

3. Kequing: The electro damage dealer is a big animal in Liyue City. She may not do most of the damage, but she scares her opponents with sheer speed and short cooldowns of her strike series. Her elemental ability and her special are as fun as they are devastating.

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Qiqi: The herb girl from the Bubu hut in Liyue is a zombie – but that’s okay. After all, she is the best healer in the game and therefore automatically in the S-tier. She brings herself and her team-mates back into shape in no time – and she can fight excellently with her sword.

Twenty: Venti is a bow-armed bard and a support character of the wind element Anemo. He fires up to six shots in quick succession. Its special ability binds many opponents and can be combined with other element effects for massive damage.

Clover: You just have to like clover. The teenage fire damage dealer is worth gold, especially for her standard attack that affects the surface. And their elemental attack is also very good at keeping the enemies busy longer. But apart from that, she is simply personable. Good for those who can swap Amber for someone like Klee early on.

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Genshin Impact A-Tier – Still first choice

If it has not been enough for S-characters so far, you are also more than well served with the figures of the A-tier. Even if most of the candidates have visible weaknesses compared to the S-characters, they can be equal or even superior to them in some individual areas.

  • Jean (Healer, Anemo)
  • Xiao (Damage Dealer, Anemo)
  • Mona (Damage Dealer, Hydro)
  • Xiangling (Damage Dealer / Support, Pyro)
  • Barbara (Healer, Hydro)

Jean: Jean is a fantastic healer and capable swordsman. Her anemo (wind) skills bind multiple enemies and even knock them into the air or away from Jean, gaining valuable time that makes you forget that she doesn’t really do that much damage. She also heals her teammates very effectively. A good grip for almost any squad.

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Xiao: The rather silent Xiao is thousands of years old and currently the best wind damage dealer, who properly covers his enemies with a six-stroke series of his spear. The charged attack can only come from the air. The deeper you fall, the greater the damage. Excellent damage output, especially when he uses his risky special that costs him life energy.

Mona: The astrologer attacks from a distance and has a nice big AOE as a special attack, which grabs many opponents at once and makes them susceptible to various effects. As an elemental attack, also creates a phantom that will do the best in combat.

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Xiangling: Xiangling is free if you know how. The cook likes spicy food, but she also likes to turn her opponents into fiery skewers with her spear. Nevertheless – and this is perhaps not exactly intuitive – the bottom line is that it lacks a little range.

Barbara: More than just a decent healer of the element hydro and a kind of starlet in Moon City, which luckily didn’t go too far to her head. Their elemental ability effectively converts enemy damage into team healing, with charged attacks being especially worthwhile.

Genshin Impact B-Tier – Solid specialists

Here we come to the area of ​​”role players”, as one would say in sport: solid people “from the bank”. Those who can either play adequately in a very well to brilliant team or with a special talent who can fill a certain gap without completely embarrassing themselves in other areas. Often it is characters who, in combination with a character from a higher animal, create synergies that enhance the party without the character in any way impressing.

  • Razor (Damage Dealer, Electro)
  • Bennett (Damage Dealer / Support, Pyro)
  • Chongyun (Damage Dealer, Cryo)
  • Xingqiu (Support, Hydro)
  • Ningguang (Damage Dealer, Geo)
  • Kaeya (Support, cryo)
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Razor: Razor lives among wolves, which certainly helped make him one of the coolest looking characters in Genshin Impact (definitely a phrase you would never say that about anyone in reality). The more he hits it, the better he gets, because consecutive hits of his elemental ability increase the regeneration of energy for his special!

Bennett: A pyro swordsman from Mondstadt who can be skilled both as a damage dealer and as a healing or buffing supporter. Because the responsible special is a bit more complicated (healing with less than 70 percent life energy, buff with over 70 percent), not so universally applicable. Likeable because he’s a chronic unlucky fellow.

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Chongyun: The cryo-exorcist wields a two-handed sword and creates an AoE field with his elemental attack, in which cryo damage can be concentrated.

Xingqiu: The son of a trader from Liyue, is ambitious and polite on the outside, but on the inside hides a real devil with a keen sense of justice and knows how to handle the sword. His special can be transferred to other characters by changing. Kind.

Ningguang: Ningguang is immensely rich and one of the few geographic figures. Because geo, i.e. earth, reacts with few other elements, not necessarily the best team player, but still useful because it can thwart a lot of damage with the help of its jade screen.

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Kaeya: The first cryo character you get is a cool guy, which I don’t just say because of the fresh eye patch. The swordsman’s ice skills are not spectacular, but they are quite effective if you know how to use them.

Genshin Impact C-Tier – The gap filler

Genshin Impact isn’t too difficult a game, at least for the first few dozen hours, and you can get quite a long way with C-characters if you deal a little with the character traits. Still, we’re slowly getting into what I would call the siding. C-tier characters have significant educational gaps that mean they should be swapped out for the first-time newcomers from the next tier up.

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  • Beidou (Damage Dealer, Electro)
  • Noelle (Damage Dealer / Healer, Geo)
  • Lisa (Support, electronics)
  • Sucrose (Support, Anemo)
  • Traveller (Support, Anemo)
  • Traveller (Support, Geo)

Beidou: The Liyue Crux fleet captains are a two-handed beast. The nice thing is that by holding their elemental attack they can absorb damage and then deal explosively again if done right.

Noelle: Noelle is a character that is quite likely to get from beginner prayer. Another geo-character and therefore not so easy to combine, but at least flexible to DPS and to a limited extent usable as a healer.

Lisa: You will get librarian Lisa as part of the storyline and as an early electrician there is no alternative.

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Sucrose: The well-traveled and curious alchemist has an interesting special ability, a wind spirit that can be “fed” with another element in order to cause additional damage from this element. Interesting to use, but otherwise one of the weaker characters.

Traveller: And basically that also applies to the traveler. The player’s avatar starts out as an anemo character and is not really good at anything, but nowhere really bad either. Later you can change your element to geo in the area around Liyue. But it doesn’t really make it more effective. By the time that happens, you’ll have something better in the team.

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Genshin Impact D-Tier – If you want Pyro

There is currently only one character in the lowest tier, which speaks for the good balancing work at miHoYo (15 of the 24 figures are tier B or higher).

  • Amber (Support, Pyro)

Amber: It is a shame that it is of all things the first Pyro figure that sags in terms of performance. Most of all you need your talents to burn crumbling boxes and shields of enemies. So for a while early in the game you are basically blocking a slot on the team with a below-average character that you only set up as a “tool”. Let’s see if what happens to Amber with the upcoming updates. Until then, that’s all I have to say to Amber.

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What is your personal animal list like? What have been your best prayers drops so far? Let us know in the comments. In the meantime, if you need help getting started in co-op, check out our article Genshin Impact: Playing Co-Op and Multiplayer with Friends

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