Developed by HoYoverse and released in 2020, Genshin Impact is a very popular action RPG. Something that contributes to the popularity of the game is the possibility of playing it on different devices, such as computers, consoles and cell phones.

In addition to checking out our tips for beginners in the game, if you are considering the possibility of starting to venture into the world of Teyvat, it is important to know which platform is ideal for you and your style of play. The best way to do this is by identifying the main differences between the different versions of the title, and this is precisely what we are going to talk about in this text.

What are the differences between versions of Genshin Impact?

Being available in different media and platforms, the experience of playing Genshin Impact ends up being quite different on PCs, on PlayStation 4 (and on PS5 via backwards compatibility) and on mobile devices. And we’re not just talking about the visuals: the way you control the characters, the performance and even the possibility to continue your progress between different devices are greatly influenced by your platform of choice.

visual and resolution

One of the main points taken into account by players is usually the visual presentation. In this case, Genshin Impact will look much more beautiful and detailed in its PC and PlayStation versions — but the game leaves nothing to be desired on mobile phones. Because of the smaller screen, which ends up masking the lower resolution, the mobile version of the title is still very beautiful.

The game is very flexible in relation to the performance capacity of the devices in its versions for computers and mobile phones, allowing players to change the graphics options to obtain the best performance results. The same does not happen on the PS4, which runs on a standardized and fixed graphics configuration.


Each version of Genshin Impact offers different control options that match the capabilities and hardware of the devices where the game is played. On the computer, for example, by default the title uses the double keyboard and mouse as a control configuration. In the case of PlayStation, the player uses DualShock (or DualSense on PS5) to perform all actions. In both versions it is much easier to aim and control the camera.

On Android and iOS phones, the game uses the device’s touch screen. This means that, when aiming or moving the camera, you have to use your fingers — consequently hindering the visualization of what is happening on the small screen. In addition, commands that demand greater precision (like aiming with the bow, for example) do not work as well as on the PS4 controller… and the mobile version does not allow for pairing controls, forcing players to use the touchscreen.

progress and saving

Those who don’t want to tear themselves away from Genshin Impact and explore the world of Teyvat anytime, anywhere will be happy to know that the game has cross-save between PC and mobile versions. This means you can start the mission on your computer, save your game, and continue playing on your phone on your way to school or work.

This unfortunately does not apply to the PlayStation version: in this case, cross-save only works between PS4 and PS5. If your intention is to be able to enjoy the game indoors and out, maybe Sony consoles are not the best option.


This point is a little more complex and more difficult to exemplify exactly, since the game’s performance can vary greatly according to the hardware you have at your disposal. We know that Genshin Impact runs on Android phones, but the game’s performance will be different on an entry-level phone from 2020 and on a top-of-the-line phone released this year, for example. The same goes for iOS devices and PCs, which can have different hardware configurations.

Even on PlayStation there may be some difference in performance: the game will definitely run much better on PS5 and PS4 Pro, for example, but will perform more than satisfactorily on standard PlayStation 4. On PS5, performance is around 60 fps, while on PS4 and PS4 Pro the goal is to reach around 30 frames per second.

Additionally, the PS5 and PS4 Pro run the game at 2160p (or 4K), while the base PS4 renders the image at 1080p. Between PS4 Pro and PS5, there are differences in graphical aspects such as shadows, ambient occlusion and object rendering distance.

Anyway, regardless of the version, the following logic still applies: the game will run much better, much smoother and with much higher performance, on newer and higher quality hardware.

Where should I play Genshin Impact?

There really is no mystery here, this will depend solely and exclusively on you. Your style of play, platform preference, level of demand and even your routine are important factors to be taken into account when choosing where you will enjoy the HoYoverse RPG.

The good news is that now you know the biggest differences between the versions of Genshin Impact for PC, consoles and mobile, so all you have to do is analyze each point and choose where you’re going to download and play the popular free action RPG.