It’s been a week since Mozilla released Firefox 29 to the masses. The Australis redesign, which is the most important part of the update, has changed a lot; it no longer has the add-on bar and features curved tabs that now look a lot like Google Chrome. If you don’t really like the new UI and want to restore the classic theme found in older versions of the browser, a small plugin called Classic Theme Restorer can help you undo these changes in an instant. Although it has a really small design, the addon unlocks the ability to customize the various visual elements of Firefox to your heart’s desire and more.

Here’s a quick look at the new Firefox. One may notice that it doesn’t have the classic straight-edged blocky layout of the familiar Firefox tabs, instead incorporating the use of curves that make you think of Google Chrome. Aside from that, Mozilla has also removed Firefox’s menu button that was previously accessible from the top left corner (the one that allowed you to open new tabs, a new window, and/or access Preferences).

Do not worry! Classic Theme Restorer easily downloads everything Australis features and does it very well. After the easy installation of the plugin, you will be asked to restart the browser, and after that, you will immediately notice several changes made to the interface of Firefox 29. Now take a look at the screenshot below with the old Firefox awesomeness in version twenty-nine.

But the best thing about Classic Theme Restorer is actually its Settings window, where you can adjust the changes you make and customize other details if you want. It lets you customize the appearance of Firefox tabs, for example, or choose a different color scheme entirely, as well as adjust the size and placement of the tabs if you want. All of these options are available on the Main, Custom Colors, Special, and Special 2 tabs.

The Special and Special 2 tabs have more settings, which make changes instantly via check marks. You can activate the panel menus, for example, or change the double-click behavior to quickly open a new tab without pressing the corresponding button. All changes take effect immediately, which means there’s no need to hit any Apply button first.

All in all, a very useful extension that makes it easy to put things back to the way they were before the release of Australis. You can visit the plugin home page (link given below) for a very detailed description, some screenshots and of course to access the download link.

Install Classic Theme Restore for Firefox