It’s rare for third-party applications to replicate Mac OS X functionality, since there’s so much it can do on its own. There are solutions like GeekTools that add new things to your Mac. However, Control Center is a $10 app that takes what Mac OS X can do and improves on it so much that you wonder how you ever lived without it all this time. time. It’s an app that brings the iOS Control Center to OS X, and very well. You can take the app out for a test drive as it comes with a 7-day free trial, but after that, you need to purchase the app to continue using it. Wow is the word, we could have taken the time to find more eloquent phrases to sum up Control Center, but that won’t be necessary as ‘wow’ covers the full spectrum of our feelings towards it. It really looks like a window to iOS has been opened on your OS X desktop. Although this isn’t Apple’s proprietary software, it won’t surprise anyone if future versions of OS X start to merge with these elements.

The app launches a portrait mode control center that sits comfortably on the left of the screen. By default, it’s a transparent screen with buttons reminiscent of iOS 7. This can be customized by right-clicking/ctrl+clicking the icon in the control center menu bar. On the top layer you can see connected devices, a sleep timer, a WiFi switch, a Bluetooth switch, and a brightness slider, all of which work seamlessly. On the bottom layer, you can launch iTunes, view system statistics, view alarms, set up Control Center, and take notes. The more options you enable, the higher the panel will be.

The Control Center not only gives you access to the features mentioned above, but also gives you a unique perspective to access these features. Just like iOS 7, everything is just a gesture away. Gestures are already the cornerstone of a Mac, but this makes it even more convenient.

It’s a nicely put together system, music playback showing album art, iOS 7’s Helvetica Neue Thin font, which is also rumored to be a staple of OS X 10.10. The app comes with a 7-day free trial that can be activated by a $10 purchase, but this app seems worth it.

In fairness, its default behavior is somewhat intrusive, as the window glass, as beautiful as it is, sits on top of everything. To create this article, I had to move all my windows a bit to the right in order to work without interruption. If you can get around that, then there are numerous operations you can perform without ever leaving the window. After this, going to system preferences for something seems like a walk now.

Download Control Center for OS X