Twitter is sending inactive account owners emails with a warning: Log in before December 11, or your account will be deleted and your username will be available again. This could be a good opportunity to change your username on this social network, and put that name on your profile that you weren’t allowed to do at the time because it was busy. 9to5Mac, tells us about the interview that will make it possible for you to put on Twitter the name you always wanted.


sThe email being sent has a subject line of “Don’t lose access to @ (username)”. This is what it says:
To continue using Twitter, you will need to accept the current Terms, Privacy Policy, and Cookie Use. This not only allows you to improve the information you share with us, but also allows you to continue using your Twitter account. But first, you need to log in and follow the instructions on the screen before December 11, 2019; otherwise, your account will be deleted.

Twitter has not yet said exactly when the recovered usernames will be available. The account deletion process “will take several months, not overnight.” So don’t expect a massive username rush on December 12th.
This doesn’t just affect people who have left Twitter; it also has a huge impact on accounts belonging to deceased people.

The Verge has asked Twitter if those will also be included in the inactive pool and will eventually be removed as part of this process. “We currently don’t have a way to check someone’s Twitter account once they’ve passed away, but the team is thinking of ways to do it.”

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As part of our commitment to serve the public conversation, we’re working to clean up inactive accounts to present more accurate and credible information that people can trust on Twitter. As well as encouraging people to actively log in and use our network when they register an account. As stated in our inactive account policy. We have begun a proactive approach to many accounts that have not logged into Twitter in over six months to tell them that they will be removed. According to the email that a spokesperson for this social network sent to The Verge.

Please note that these accounts do not have to tweet anything to stay. They just have to log in and follow the instructions.
So even if the username you want appears to be inactive based on activity, the owner can keep the username quite easily.
Also, usernames with fewer than five characters can no longer be registered with Twitter, so that’s another thing to consider when dreaming of switching to that username you’ve always wanted.