Getting Started Guide Mobile: Instant Messaging.

If you thought that to be connected all day to your network or protocol of instant messaging you needed to be near a computer or Wi-Fi, you were wrong because in this installment of the Getting Started Guide we are going to cover some of the alternatives available to connect with a instant messaging client from anywhere at any time with your mobile.

fringe is one of the most widespread instant messaging clients for mobiles, being available connectivity with Skype, msn-messenger, Google Talk, ICQSIP, Twitter, Yahoo! Y A.I.M.and with support for VoIP, whose purpose is to use Fring as a client for voice calls in Skype Y Gizmoamong other networks based on the protocol Yep.

The downside is that fringe is limited to providing compatibility with terminals whose operating system is Symbian 8, Symbian 9.1, Symbian 9.2, Windows Mobile 5, Windows Mobile 6 Y Symbian UIQ.

Getting Started Guide Mobile: Instant Messaging

WebMessenger is another multiprotocol instant messaging client for mobiles that gives us support for A.I.M., msn, Yahoo!, Skype Y Google Talk that recently went from being a paid program to allowing free downloads but, unfortunately, it also limits support to terminals blackberry, Windows Mobile, Symbian (3rd Edition) and palm.

Given this option, fringe It is presented to us as the best option since WebMessenger It only allows us text conversations, not having support for voice calls, for example, with the network of Skype.

Getting Started Guide Mobile: Instant Messaging

IM+ is another of the best options as a messaging client since support is not limited to being multiprotocol (A.I.M., msn, Yahoo!, ICQ, Jabber/XMPP, Google Talk and MySpace IM) but has versions for blackberry, Symbian S60, Windows Mobilemobiles with support Java, palm and iPhone/iPodTouch.

Which makes that IM+ stop being our first option is that it is not a free client, but rather a 7-day demo version is available and we can get the full client for a price between 10 and 50 dollarsdepending on the platform.

Getting Started Guide Mobile: Instant Messaging

Like fringewith IM+ It is possible to send files, protocol contact lists, various windows for each conversation, etc.

AgileMessenger allows us to connect to A.I.M., msn, Yahoo!, ICQ, Jabber/XMPP Y Google Talk including text conversations, sending files (such as audio, video and image files) from any of the commented protocols for terminals Windows Mobile, Symbian S60, Symbian UIQ and terminals with Java.

Getting Started Guide Mobile: Instant Messaging

With all these functionalities, you will wonder why we do not have all of this installed. instant messaging client on our mobile, being the price of $44.95 for any of its versions depending on the operating system.

eBuddy is a messaging client that runs on three platforms simultaneously: version Webversion mobile downloadable and version mobile website without the need to download any application to our terminal.

eBuddy supports connection to protocol networks msn, Yahoo!, Google Talk, my space Y A.I.M. with a minimum of transmitted data, group chats and notifications.

Getting Started Guide Mobile: Instant Messaging

The version eBuddy mobile websurprisingly, allows the connection from the web browser of our mobile despite removing support for MySpace IM.

BeeJiveto name it, is the only mobile instant messaging client which is limited to the less used terminals on this side of the pond such as the blackberry and the iPhonerelegated to the most demanding users.

The support of BeeJive extends A.I.M., Yahoo!, Google Talk, msn, ICQ, Jabber/XMPP Y MySpace IMbeing the version for iPhone totally free and the version for blackberry of payment priced between $19.95 and $29.95.

Getting Started Guide Mobile: Instant Messaging

Also in development is a version of BeeJive for Windows Mobile that is possible to test, although we do not hope that it will be very stable.

Ending the article, there are also native clients for blackberry of Google Talk, A.I.M., Yahoo!, ICQ Y msna future client of A.I.M. (based on a possible iChat Mobile) for the iPhone or a Windows Live Messenger for Windows Mobile Y Symbian S60although they are too limited to the platform on which it has been developed to be considered generic options for any user.

As a note, we are waiting for Yahoo! oneConnect that in addition to allowing us to talk with our network contacts A.I.M., msn, Google Talk Y Yahoo!we can interact with various services such as Facebook, Twitter or dopplr.

Official Site | Fring, WebMessenger, IM+, Agile Messenger, eBuddy Mobile, eBuddy Lite, BeeJive and Blackberry clients.

Getting Started Guide Mobile: Instant Messaging