Among other things, historical adventures, quests for superheroes and collectible pocket monsters are in demand for our free time.

We can imagine a much worse occupation than packing in front of our favorite gaming platform in the pleasantly tempered apartment, and then, if the machine just threw it in, we test something new and exciting. But even if we can worship our passion without any additional obligation, our mouths will not cry.

HP “I raise Mongols face to face or even ambush, and then stop at the top of the hill to admire the beauty of the leaves dancing in front of the horizon a little while the blood dries on my sword. Unfortunately, I can’t say more yet, but the tale will continue, of course, at GSO, of course.

Paca – The games and other tasks to be tested are a bit crowded, so there will be Iron Man VR … and some other stuff I can’t talk about yet. And so it’s summer, you’ll have to find a place where you can soak in water at the right distance from other people.

Chicken – He was lured back into Pokémon Sword by the Expansion Pass, so I’ll start pocketing pocket monsters hair again, and I won’t rest until I get them all (or at least most of them).

Szabi “I’ll spend the weekend in the middle of a forest, so I’ll have relatively little time to play. Of course, it’s not out of the question to start a little D&D character generation, since I can only find a place for the Player’s Handbook in my package.

Szada “If the Epic Games Store is already giving away Hue as a gift, they’re rallies sometime over the weekend. Several of my acquaintances have already recommended it, it’s free, and I love puzzle platformers anyway, so it seems like a win in every way.

Kiwi – I try to make the most of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s double XP weekend and make the most of the new weapons. The Rytec sniper, for example, is quite fun, even on smaller maps.

Mooseman “I also had some time to play this week, with the old clan beating a few laps in the Squad once the Beta 20 patch came out these days. With Geralt’s adventures, I totally stopped, though I miss the old white-haired butter, but I will definitely return to the intoxicated wine region as soon as I have the capacity for it. For the time being, however, it looks like I’m spending unfortunately no game.

Chava “I owed myself so much that after years of dodging, like hot porridge, I slip through the heartbreaking story of What Remains of Edith Finch. Now that this has happened, I am looking for similar narrative experiences. I welcome suggestions, but I anticipate that I’ve checked out Firewatch, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, and Dear Esther before.

What are you playing this weekend?