Ghost of Tsushima, the last effort of sucker Punch, is now available, but apparently the work behind its development led to the rejection of several options, following the establishment in feudal Japan. To reveal this particular background, Sucker Punch in an article posted on the official PlayStation blog.

« From the start we knew we wanted to create a massive open world experience characterized by melee combat. ” he pretends Brian Fleming. « But other than that, we had little certainty. Pirates? Rob Roy? The three Musketeers? We had thought about it all, but we were obsessed with wanting to tell the story of a samurai from feudal Japan. Then, one fateful fall afternoon, we found ourselves with a historical chronicle of the Mongol invasion of Tsushima in 1274, and so the big picture began to take shape.« .

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However, the development of the game was quite daring: the team was faced with several questions that had to be answered, in order to condition a valid product, both in terms of story and gameplay. ” We had a lot of creative problems. We wanted to tell the story of one of the few samurai who survived the first attack, but what would his story be? Who would be our enemy? Could we have structured a game and a story characterized by a human experience to identify with, accompanied at the same time by an anthology of other stories to explore? And how would we present this story? The world we were recreating would have been devoid of modern technology, so phones couldn’t have helped us communicate with users, there wouldn’t have been superpowers that could create a shocking visual effect.« .

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A job that lasted six years, as Sucker Punch points out. ” The story has evolved, the fights have gone through countless testing phases, but the idea has remained clear to this day since its first presentation: only one samurai survives the Mongol invasion of Tsushima and is forced to reinvent himself. to save his birthplace« .

We remind you that Ghost of Tsushima is available on PlayStation 4. On this link you can read our review.

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