Ghost of Tsushima and the fight with the katana: Suker Punch tells about the development of the combat system

In just under a month, Ghost of Tsushima will be the new interesting chapter to come exclusively on Playstation 4. During this period, the development study, sucker Punch, revealed some details about the game and today thanks to an interview on the PlayStation Blog, the team focused on the combat system which will see our protagonist engaged in katana fights.

Jin, our hero, is a samurai who has spent his life training: he is attentive, precise, disciplined and deadly. He is a master of katana, an excellent horseman and is gifted for the bow … but these qualities are not enough in front of the hordes of Mongol invaders. It will not be enough for him to be a perfect samurai to save his land, he will have to become something else. Ghost of Tsushima wants to talk about this transformation.

To make everything as truthful as possible, the team focused on three aspects: speed, lethality and accuracy. As for the first point, Sucker Punck wanted quick attacks. The katana is light, weighing about a kilo and a half, so quick slashes are used in most styles of combat with this weapon. All attacks in the game have been recorded with the motion capture system, so the speed of movement is realistic. However, this realism created a problem: it was impossible to react in time to the attacks. How to close this gap between the enemy’s reaction and that of the player?

To fix this, we changed a couple of things“said the team.”First of all, we understood that, although there is a limit to the reaction speed of players, they are able to anticipate an attack if the conditions allow it. If an enemy launches a sequence of attacks, we have to make sure that the player has time to react to the first attack, but since it is possible to anticipate the next movements, his speed can be arbitrarily decided. For example, if one of our Mongols uses a combination of five attacks, the first attack is slow enough to allow players to react, but the following attacks are launched quickly. It also occurred to us to overlay enemy attacks. When an opponent launches the attack, another can prepare their move. We have given Jin barely time to handle each enemy attack, just like in the samurai movies we were inspired by, but often there will be two or even three enemies simultaneously engaged in an attack sequence“.

The second point is lethality: the katana is the weapon of the family of Jin and must be respected as such. “In samurai movies, a few slashes are enough to take down even the toughest enemy. This is something we wanted to keep, because when in our tests the enemies were able to absorb more damage, the Sakai sword no longer seemed to be a weapon like this. deadly, “says the study. Obviously, Jin must also respect certain rules: even the weapons of the enemies are also lethal and Jin cannot ignore the wounds. In this way, the fighting is more balanced: the presence of weapons and aggressive enemies therefore ensures that death is always around the corner.

The last point is precision: the katana is a weapon that rewards precision because it takes years of training to be able to master it. The first objective of the team was the responsiveness of Jin to the buttons pressed by the players. “Jin’s attacks are slower and more powerful, but they can be canceled instantly at any time so that he is free to respond to unexpected events, such as the cry of a charging Mongol. Starting a high-level attack and then canceling it when the situation changes is an important part of high-level play“.

The development team also decided to reward the players for their precision: “Take for example Jin’s ability to block most enemy attacks: performing normal blocking is simple, just hold L1, but this action has additional levels. If you press L1 when the attack is about to strike, the blockade becomes a block: in this case, the attacker is not only obstructed, but he is exposed and vulnerable to a counterattack. And Jin also obtains a small determination, that is to say the mental state of the Specter which allows him to bear the injuries sustained. With the correct upgrade, this action will have a third possible result: if you press L1 just when you are about to be hit, the save becomes a perfect save, with which the attacker is stunned and can undergo a devastating counterattack. The perfect block also provides a lot of determination“.

These three aspects combined together will give players a dynamic that Sucker Punch will certainly appreciate very much. Ghost of Tsushima will be available from July 17 on PlayStation 4.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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