Currently, the game progression system is largely responsible for their replay factor, that is, the ability to arouse the desire to return to that adventure. Satiating that appetite is not always easy, especially with the flood of titles available on the market. Ghost of Tsushima, one of the greats in the release season, is aware of this.

Asked by Voxel on the subject, Nate Fox, creative director of the game, gave an opinion that should cheer up the veterans of The Legend of Zelda, a title that always addressed a more organic progression system, focused on equipment, and not on level, as most RPGs – a tradition adopted by other PlayStation exclusives, such as God of War, Horizon: Zero Dawn and Days Gone.

The truth is that Ghost of Tsushima is about “being more powerful”, in the artist’s words. Equipment and tools that protagonist Jin discovers along the way represent his progress, and that includes more weapons.

“Certainly Jin finds other weapons as he progresses through the game. His transformation from samurai to Ghost, as we saw in State of Play, allows him to use different things. We saw Kunai, for example, which is used in the Ghost form. his progression is about being more powerful, someone capable of doing more damage, but more than that: it’s about having different types of approaches to face problems and even navigate the world. The hook used in this State of Play demo is a tool purely for exploration. You would have started the game without it: samurai don’t use it to scale walls, “he said.

Source: Disclosure / Sony and Sucker Punch

“But watch how it changes the way you interact with the environment. That’s how it evolves, as well as the skills of a tree, in the traditional way, so that the player finds a style of playing that pleases him “, he added.

The samurai and Ghost facets, therefore, will in fact be similar to what we saw in the Far Cry 3 tattoos, for example, or inFamous’s Karma system. Imagine Ghost of Tsushima, also from Sucker Punch, as a younger brother. Dante’s Inferno offers similar treatment with the opposite trees of progression between the merciful and punitive sides.

Anyway, give your opinion: do you prefer a more traditional leveled / level system, as in most RPGs, or a more organic progression, in which the advance is made by the equipment collected along the journey? Comment at the bottom of the page.

Ghost of Tsushima will be released on July 17 exclusively for PS4.