First introduced at the last Gamescom 2019, Ghostrunner has become one of the games I was looking for the most among all the little new things that would be coming in. 2020.

Now, with a demo already available on Steam, Ghostrunner He turned out to be this curious gem who once led the way with his mix of Mirror’s Edge parkour and puzzles turned into bloody Hotline Miami murders.

Parkour ninja cyberpunk

In its announcement, I also remembered Titanfall, and for obvious reasons, you’ll allow me to start there a bit. With a fairly linear course, the idea of ​​the game is to go platform sections intersected with areas riddled with enemies.

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There, it will be difficult to live up to Titanfall 2’s magnificent campaign and its breathtaking level design, but in the absence of something better, it will not be me who will make you disgust with it. which is offered to you by Ghostrunner.

At our disposal run, jump, slide to gain speed, a hook to hang on to structures and the inevitable wallrun of this type of mobility. For dessert, an acceleration that can also be used to slow time and make a brief punishment.

Controlling a thousand wonders, the only possible downside to the demo of Ghostrunner is not about adding something special to a mix that we’ve seen in many games. A complaint that crumbles like a sand castle considering that it only shows a first part of the game as a tutorial. The show will come – or not – when you land PC, PS4 et Xbox One.

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Miami hotline went through FPS filter

When you get to fightOne unique option is to attack with your sword to stop projectiles or dismember enemies while using all of the above to get from here to there.

Perhaps the lack of combat options is its weakest link so far, something I wouldn’t be too worried about considering that in its latest trailer more details are already shown, like the possibility of return projectiles with the sword.

When such things happen and enemies do more than just sit accurately, the game will win many whole numbers in terms of strategy facing each combat section.

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But even without all of this guaranteed, I would sign up now so that I could invest several hours in a simple evolution of what has already been seen in your demo. If you want to try Ghostrunner you have everything alone until May 13 to give a twist to your brief demo.

Source: Gadgetsnow