Gearbox presented a cinematic video Godfall and announced the start of pre-orders for the game for the PlayStation 5 – the prices, as you would expect, are quite high. As in the Epic Games Store, in addition to the standard edition with the game (on PS5 it costs 5719 rubles), there are two more:

  • Deluxe Edition (includes the game and the first add-on, which will be released in 2021) for 7129 rubles;
  • Ascended edition for 7849 rub:
    • Content from the Deluxe Edition;
    • Gold Valorplate skins for Silvermane, Phoenix and Greyhawk
    • 5 Gold Weapon Skins
    • Golden Shield Skin;
    • Golden Royal Banner Skin;
    • Unique title for the network lobby;
    • Orange Valorplate skin for Vertigo.
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Additionally, pre-ordering players will receive additional cosmetic items and the Zer0 longsword straight from Borderlands.

A couple of weeks ago, Godfall went gold with a melee-focused looter slasher coming November 12 on PC (Epic Games Store) and November 19 on PS5. Subsequently, the project should be released on the Xbox.

Source : Game Informer