Counterfall Games’ Godfall was one of the first games announced for PlayStation 5, but according to recent information presented in the launch trailer, it is a temporary console exclusive.

The game will be released on November 19 for PC and PlayStation 5, being one of the games often associated with the next Sony console in its promotional materials, but the company appears to have negotiated only a 6-month exclusivity.

In the launch trailer, which you can see below, an image appears where you can read “Exclusive PlayStation 5 on consoles” accompanied by an asterisk, something that no longer surprises anyone. The asterisk refers to the small print, as it should be, that reveal an exclusivity of 6 months.

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“Also available for PC. Not available on other consoles until at least 12 May 2021.”

Godfall was presented as a game that takes advantage of the PlayStation 5’s capabilities and its DualSense controller, one of the main reasons for being released on the Sony console, but this suggests that after that date, it may be released on other consoles.

Those consoles are certainly Microsoft’s Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, but this does not confirm anything, it just informs us that there is a possibility that Godfall will reach Microsoft consoles.

Godfall won immense attention just because he was associated with the Sony console, which on the other hand guaranteed him immense negative criticism for being associated with the Sony console. The possibility of reaching the Xbox Series may help some to be more lenient with the game.

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