In case Cyberpunk 2077 did not suffer enough problems, now several reports suggest that saved games can be corrupted and lost forever if they exceed 8MB in size.

Although initially it was explained on Reddit that this serious problem affected all platforms, now several users suggest that it only occurs on PC. CD Projekt Red has not confirmed which systems can suffer from this bug, but they have given advice to avoid it.

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In a response posted on GOG, CD Projekt Red has confirmed that if the game is corrupted there is no way to get it back, so it advises players to “bring a low amount of crafting items and materials”

“Unfortunately if the game is damaged there is no way to recover it. Please use an older saved game to continue playing and try to carry a few items and crafting materials.”

“If you have used the glitch for item duplication, please load a saved game that is not affected by it.”

The developers’ message further explains that although the file size “may be increased” with a future patch, the “corrupted files will remain in that state.”

This is the umpteenth setback for a CD Projekt that is experiencing the worst moments in its history. To the bad reaction of the public before what was called to be his greatest game, it is also added that its investors are studying the possibility of suing the company, while its valuation in the stock market continues to fall and the losses that the returns will produce are calculated in the millions.

GOG Warns Cyberpunk 2077 PC Players To “Carry Few Items” To Prevent Save Game Corruption