More than 1,600 workers from Google ask the company to “take concrete action to help dismantle racism“And ending his contracts with the police. In a letter that began circulating internally last week, workers wrote that they were ” disappointed to learn that Google is still selling technology to the police« .

« The racist legacy of the police in the United States goes back to its roots, when police forces emerged to protect wealth from slavery and genocide“Read the letter. “We have a long way to go in addressing the legacy of racism, but to begin with, we must not commit to taking advantage of the racist police. We must not commit to criminalizing the existence of black people by singing that Black Lives Matter« .

The letter arrives a few days after the CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai, announced that the company will donate $ 175 million to “support business owners, startup founders, job seekers and developers”. Google is one of several tech companies that have spoken out in favor of the black community since George Floyd died while in custody in Minneapolis. But these claims stand in stark contrast to these companies’ records of treating employees and customers and how their products affect the black community.

« We’re engaged in work that makes a meaningful difference in the fight against systemic racism, and our employees have made more than 500 product suggestions in the past few weeks, which we’re reviewing.“Google spokesperson Cynthia Horiguchi said in a statement. “On this point, we were the first large company to decide not to market facial recognition years ago and we have very clear principles that prohibit its use or sale for surveillance purposes. We have long-term terms of service for generally available computing platforms such as Gmail, GSuite, and Google Cloud Platform, and these products will continue to be available to governments and local authorities, including law enforcement.« .


Clearly, employees did not like the company’s response: “The past few weeks have shown us that the fight against racism is not just a question of words, but of measures taken to dismantle the current structures that perpetuate it.“Read the letter. “While we, as individuals, have difficult but necessary conversations with our family, friends and colleagues, we are also incredibly disappointed with our company’s response.« .

Source: Los Angeles Times

Source: Reddit