Google Calendar for iOS available App Store.

If we talk about productivity, surely there is no company in the world capable of unseating Google. Gmail is the company’s email server, while Google Calendar is one of the most widely used calendar services around the world.

iPhone users have been able to enjoy the Gmail app on our devices for a long time, being able to manage our email comfortably and easily. What’s more, a few days ago the latest version of the application came to light, with some outstanding news that we explained from SamaGame. Well, now comes the turn of Google Calendar.

Google’s calendar service, until now only available in its browser version for iPhone users, has finally arrived on iOS. And it has done so in a very new and functional way. So if anyone was thinking that Google developers were only thinking of Android users, they can get that idea out of their heads.

Google Calendar for iOS available App Store

The application automatically adds events to our calendar thanks to Gmail and Google Maps

Google Calendar for iPhone incorporates the Material Design design that Google-owned applications have already accustomed us to. From this design, the features that it incorporates will make us totally change the way of using a calendar. As I have already mentioned, Google Calendar is not only beautiful, it is also extremely functional. It makes the most of its synchronization with Gmail and Google Maps to automatically add events to our calendar.

In addition, it shows the scheduled events with a list that is really useful visually. The images that it shows for each event are automatically programmed according to the content, without the need to do anything else. That is, we only have to worry about adding the necessary details to our event so that the application itself takes care of doing the rest. In this way, you can add a map just by searching for a location, show the availability of the people invited based on their acceptance or rejection of the event, or identify the type of appointment with colors or labels.

Google Calendar for iOS available App Store

But this is not all. The app itself is capable of automatically adding events to our calendar based on the emails that reach our Gmail account. That is, if we receive a confirmation of a flight reservation, the application will add an event to our calendar with the date and time of the flight, the flight number, airline, boarding time, etc. And this data will be synchronized with Google Maps so that when the date of the event approaches, we will automatically be informed of the existing traffic to the airport so that we do not miss our plane. Something really magnificent.

And finally, if we don’t like the default list view in the application, we can change the view to one month, one week or three days, depending on our taste. Without a doubt, one of the best Calendar applications out there today has reached our devices. Not only does it fulfill its function, but it also synchronizes the function of up to three applications in a single application. Also, and as if that were not enough, we can export our events from iCloud, Exchange and Yahoo.

Google Calendar for iOS available App Store

The app is now available for free on the App Store. It requires iOS 7 or later, and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. You can watch the application video here: