Google has another Google app for Android on offer, the Go app is actually for smartphones with little power and is still interesting for everyone.

Google has an app of the same name pre-installed on almost all Android smartphones, but there is an alternative that is just as extensive and maybe even better. Funnily enough, this is Google Go, an actually slimmed-down version of the app for smartphones with Android Go. But in fact, Google Go is a step ahead in some respects, appears more sophisticated and even more comprehensive. There are a few differences that might make the Go app a little better than the original.

Better widget, app completely different

It starts with the widget for the home screen, because the Go app offers another shortcut for Google Lens. Also a dedicated button to open the Google app via the search bar widget. The app can also be opened simply by pressing the Google logo, so it’s a bit doubly tampered with.

Google integrates Lens into the Gboard keyboard, which brings a cool feature (video)

And there are also some differences within Google Go. Even the start screen is different, the search bar is at the bottom of the screen and in the middle you will find a few potentially exciting shortcuts. Google Lens and incognito mode can be accessed directly in the search bar area.

Among other things, the Go app from Google lacks the dark design that the original Google app has had for a long time.

We don’t see Discover content directly in the Go app, so we simply swipe the screen to the right. A swipe left takes you to the Apps section, where you can find app recommendations and charts. You can also add apps to the middle start screen. Although primarily the web apps, the links also work to already installed native apps. GIFs are also in demand today, for which Google has built a search and linked it to the start screen of the Go app.

If you will, Google Go has a launcher for apps and internet services. That’s quite an interesting idea.

Google and Google Go: Sometimes enormous differences

In terms of overall appearance, the Go app appears to be more clearly structured at the time of writing, visually more modern and with more functions. In my opinion, it is incomprehensible that the Go app is not 30 MB in size, but the real Google app is a whopping 300 MB. The Go app doesn’t offer collections for this, updates from the Assistant, and no access to snapshots of your last searches or our reminders.

Google Go Price: Free

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