Google’s artificial intelligence continues to materialize in Assistant functions thanks to the latest additions to Google Lens, the application that identifies the world around us: it now allows share the copied text with the computer, display the pronunciation of the highlighted sentences and even lets you search for words in the dictionary.

It’s not one of the more popular Google services, despite the fact that almost all Android users have it on their devices, but you just need to access its benefits to always take them into account. Because, are you one of those who regularly use Google Lens or still don’t know what its virtues are? It has object id, animal id, Lens works as QR code reader, translates texts on the fly, allows you to easily copy what is written in front of you and now you can even send this copy directly to the computer. The novelty, along with two others, already reaches all Android.

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Copy text to your mobile and paste it on your computer

Text copied to mobile and pasted on computer

Having a clipboard shared between various devices is nothing new as there are apps that perform this function, like the legendary AirDroid, but not with the added benefit that Google Lens offers: with this tool you can take a photo of any text in front of you and copy it, something very useful for transcribing documents, books or the password located under the router. And yes: Google allows text copied with Lens to be available on the computer if it is the last Chrome with a Google account.

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The company clarified in its blog the news of Google Lens, three additions that aim to facilitate the relationship between mobile and computer. The improvements are summarized in:

  • Text copied to mobile and pasted on computer. If you use Chrome every time you copy text with Lens and the same account is registered on your computer, that text will be available to paste on your desktop device. The latest version of Chrome is required for the computer.
  • Pronounced words. The lens translator lets you know how the words are pronounced: just highlight the chosen text after the photo is taken.
  • Search results for words or concepts. Google Lens adds search results for words and concepts that are underlined in the main capture, the search capture (the magnifying glass icon at the bottom). In this way, there is no need to access the web pages as Lens itself will directly clear up the doubt.

These three innovations are rapidly expanding: Google ensures that all compatible devices they will receive them from today. To find out if you already have them active, you need to access Google Lens: either from the icon to the right of the Assistant’s microphone, or by using its app.

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