Google has announced on its blog that it offers two free months of Stadia Pro.

According to Phil Harrison, the reason is to encourage the use of video games to connect with other people in which we must practice social distancing.

Those who register on the Stadia website in the 14 countries where the service is active (including Spain) will get two free months of Stadia Pro, which includes nine games. If you already had an active Stadia Pro subscription, Google won’t charge you for the next two months.

As a measure to reduce the impact of Stadia at this time of great demand, the company will reduce the resolution to 1080p by default, although it can be changed to 4K manually from the data usage options in the app.

  GRID will have 40 car mode on Stadia that is not possible on other hardware

The offer starts today, but the option may not appear yet as it will be progressively deployed over the next two days.

Here you can read more information about Stadia.

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