TVs and gamers with Android TV are starting to receive a novelty for their ambient mode, the static screen that greets the system before entering the offices: Google Photos images can be pinned to this screen. Currently in testing for some users.

Activating Android TV means accessing the system desktop, at least until the ambient screen appears, the one that appears when the controller is no longer used. By default, artistic photos chosen by Google appear, content that can be minimally personalized from the Google Home app. Although there will soon be a new possibility: Google Photos galleries. This option is currently being tested.

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Android TV is testing Google Photos in ambient mode

Left, usual room mode setting; on the right, new Google Photos option (image from 9to5Google)

This news was collected by 9to5Google. As medium details, some Android TV users have seen how the Ambient Mode or “Ambient Mode” options released compatibility with Google Photos galleries. When this compatibility is enabled, the static TV screen displays personal images that rotate to provide more personalization to the system.

At the moment, the test is reduced to a very small group of users. According to details from 9to5Google, this test has been received by some owners of a Xiaomi Mi Box S; leaving out other similar devices, such as the Nvidia Shield TV. We checked it on our Android TV (Shield) and the option does not appear yet.

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Once you have selected the “Google Photos” option in the Home app, you can choose what albums or favorites Android TV will display on the ambient screen, also allows you to select recent highlights. In this way, the television will become a kind of digital photo frame; offering more personalized content on the screen than that offered by default.

With the new option, the TV becomes a kind of big digital frame

We don’t know when Google will activate Photos on all Android TVs, as reports indicate that the current test is very limited. It is also not possible to take steps to test it: Google enables it on the server side.

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Source: Frandroid