The coronavirus pandemic sparked data consumption around the world in the first half of the year, coinciding with the various containment measures adopted by governments. Some services like Netflix have taken steps to reduce data usage And, as they found out in the Google Photos code, this app would do something similar.

Different reports have investigated new upcoming Google photos, the most curious of which is disabling backup of messaging apps like WhatsApp during COVID-19, but not the only one. Other automatic video playback options and the ability to edit your profile picture on Google are also expected.

No copy on WhatsApp so as not to saturate the network

Google Photos allows you to save photos and videos from your gallery and any other file on the mobile which contains photos and videos, including those from messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram or many others.

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As they discovered in XDA, among the APK of Google Photos version 4.53 is a text string explaining that messaging apps backup has been disabled. to conserve network resources. The text – translated – is as follows:

People are sharing more photos and videos than ever because of COVID-19. In order to conserve internet resources, backup has been disabled for email applications. You can change this in the settings.

From the way the post is written, it looks like Google is considering disabling copying photos and videos from some well-known messaging app folders, although can be reactivated manually in the settings. The message is in the code, but it remains to be seen whether or not Google will enable the feature, especially now that de-escalation has reduced data usage in some regions.

More control for autoplay

Another change to Google Photos that was discovered in your code is additional options to control the autoplay of videos. Currently, Google Photos only has one option, although more specific options are on the way. what should play automatically And why not.

Enter the parameters, you can choose if you want play automatically in grid mode move photos or videos. Currently, there is only one option to turn off automatic playback of moving photos.

Change your Google profile picture

Finally, something new from Google Photos that would also come would be the ability to change your Google account profile picture directly. Apparently, once the option is activated, you have to go search with the photos that include you to use the new button Choose a profile picture.

Switching offers a faster way to change the profile picture. Right now the way to do it is to go Manage your Google account, tap your current photo, Choose a profile picture and Choose a photo, which you can open with Google Photos or other gallery apps.

Source: Frandroid