Today, it is most common to have a subscription to a digital service and thus access a good part of its catalog with a minimum monthly cost. And for a few days now in Spain we have Google Play Pass.

Introduced and released in the United States in September 2019, this service is direct competition from Apple Arcade. Its model is similar, even the price of its monthly subscription, but there is a chasm if you see which games each one understands. In this direction, Google needs its batteries.

How to access Google Play Pass

The first thing that catches the attention of Google Play Pass is that it doesn’t have an external app, but it comes directly integrated into the Play Store.

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In the sidebar, just below the notifications tab, we find a section for Play Pass from which we have the possibility to subscribe for 4.99 euros per month, and with an offer for new trial users 30 day free.

Their claim is that the catalog of games (and applications) available they will not have ads or micropayments, adding more titles each month. But for now the offer, despite a good number of games and applications, is far from that of the other models. Let’s not say Xbox Game Pass, which bets on the news.

As soon as we access it, it is automatically part of the lower menu of Google Play, to the left of access to games, applications, movies and books.

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Organization and impressions of this service

Google Play Pass

Once inside, the games and applications that we might like, looking a little below for those recommended to us, other types of highlights and a host of other sections, where categories are not lacking.

Action, Arcade, Adventure, Racing, Card, Casual, Sports, Educational, Strategy, Board games, Role playing, Words, Puzzles and Simulation are the categories in question to go directly to what interests us. And here, as usually happens in this subscription class, the game selection you choose wins. Now, shortly after our investigation, we will see repeated games (from various studies), free to play who snuck in here (no ads or micropayments, yes) or old acquaintances, such as Sonic the hedgehog 2 and more than one India indispensable, like LIMBO, which has just celebrated its tenth anniversary.

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It’s true that 4.99 euros per month is nothing, but it is also true that Google Play Pass suffers from exclusives, unlike the iOS service, where it has obtained temporary exclusives, such as INMOST, Frogger in Toy Town or the recent Beyond a sky of steel, sequel to the legendary Beneath a Steel Sky from Revolution Software (Broken Sword). Never mind that Apple Arcade does not offer more aggressive updates to its catalog, which continues to gain in the streets.

Google Play Pass

In my case, which I would never have considered playing the sequel to Sonic on a cell phone, it helped me see how the SEGA mascot behaves in a tactile attitude … and the truth is, it didn’t. not convinced of Absolutely, sliding your fingers across the screen with great ease and having no real reference to your commands. Too bad, because otherwise he is very careful with the extras.

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LIMBOFor his part, I was pleasantly surprised in this situation, enjoying smoother control, in part because he was not as frantic as the famous porcupine.

I even went back to Cut the rope 2, from that moment I briefly played on a mobile. The striking thing is that despite the Google Play Pass repeating that there are no ads or micropayments, they jumped on me opinion on push of “free coins” to return to the game and get 250 coins. Seems pretty ugly for a service where these types of typical ad warnings aren’t assumed. free to play.

It must be said that in all the games that are part of the Google Play Pass, they have a characteristic logo (with the four colors of Google in the form of a ticket) and it says next to them, if they are paid, what price we save. In Stardew Valley, for example, the savings are 8.99 euros, which is not bad.

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Even if we leave the Google Play Pass tab and enter the Play Store to view them manually, the games or apps that are part of this subscription service will be reflected through the aforementioned logo, which is also appreciated.

What games do we recommend from Google Play Pass

Google Play Pass

As of today, Google Play Pass does not compensate if we are used to consoles or PCsBut that doesn’t mean we can pay a deposit to pay just one month (or give heavy use in its first free month) and enjoy more than proven quality games. And some are still exclusive to mobile devices.

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The city LIMBO (5.39 euros) from PLAYDEAD is one of the great options for those looking for a platform that makes them think, while Monument Valley (2.99 euros) and its sequel (5.49 euros) are of that kind. puzzles that give a twist of perspective in a fascinating way. And they are exclusive to mobiles.

Logically, in Google Play Pass, there is graphic adventures, having this ode to the LucasArts era called Thimbleweed Park (9.99 euros) as one of the must-sees. Although there are not many classics at the moment. Yes, there are two works of Conception Amanita extremely showy and singular, like Chuchel (4.99 euros) and Samorost 3 (4.99 euros). Or something light and emotional like Old Man’s Journey (5.49 euros), for example. Even with a touch of platforming in between the anime aesthetic, like 2018’s alleged Forgotton Anne.

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There is a bit of everything, with very important representatives of each genre, being able to waste hours, days or months in games like the one also mentioned Stardew Valley (8.99 euros) or Terraria (5.49 euros), while we tasted classics like Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (€ 10.99), one of BioWare’s most remarkable RPGs. The pity is that the other categories are soft.

Without going any further, those of the strategy are overwhelmed by the different versions of Kingdom Rush and Majesty, with that free to play called The Battle of Polytopia, which hits Steam in August, and hardly worth mentioning. At least in simulation, This War of Mine (11.99 euros), included in the playlists for schools.

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Based on the above, you need to improve the selection of games in each category, because in most cases it is difficult to select at least five titles that are really worth it. Although on the other hand, if we add only the games that we have recommended, give a total of 76.79 euros. And that for a first month, it’s not bad if you want to take advantage of it. It will be necessary to see how the service improves and especially if it manages to obtain a temporary exclusivity to force the interest. In my case, of course, it won’t pass the free trial.

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