The Google app store sorts the apps in each category by popularity, based mainly on the number of downloads. The listings change daily, although apart from the position of each application, no additional data was included so far.

Now, Google Play discreetly gives you additional information. In the application listings, an icon is included indicating if the application has moved up or down in position although without concrete details.

Apps that go up or down in trend

The next time you open a list with the most popular applications on Google Play, you will find a new icon that accompanies the position of some of them. They are two icons that indicate if the application has raised or lowered position in the listing.

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The icon is displayed just below the position number and corresponds to a down or up arrow. Unfortunately, Google does not provide us with any additional context such as how many posts have you moved up or down in the listing. which would be useful for detecting suspicious behavior.

It is a first step that helps us understand what’s trending on Google Play and how this trend has changed. This new feature seems to be active for all users who have a moderately recent version of Google Play, and it is shown in all the “most popular” lists, both the general one and that of a specific category.

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