After the latest problems arising from the blockade of Huawei by the Donald Trump government, today Google is raising its voice and warning the US government that This veto will jeopardize the national security of the United States. Since Huawei is being forced to develop an insecure operating system that could be the target of attacks, both from enemy governments and hacker groups.

The foregoing arises as part of a report by the Financial Times, where its sources assure that Google is trying to convince the Trump administration of the risks they will face by banning their collaboration with Huawei.

Huawei’s Android would be at risk of being hacked

As we know, right now Huawei has a temporary license to continue working with US companies in a relatively normal way, since the blockade will come into effect on August 19. This has given time for both Huawei and the companies and services that depend on it in the United States to prepare for this ban.

Bloomberg also points out that Huawei is not negotiating with the US government, since right now it is Google which is trying to influence this decision within the Trump administration. Huawei would be waiting for the evolution of these talks to prepare a possible negotiation with the United States.

Therefore, and according to the information, Google would now be the key piece within the United States by presenting the risks of the blockade to Huawei. Although no details of Google’s arguments are available, FT notes that everything is related to the new Huawei operating system.

An anonymous source, allegedly close to the conversations between Google and the United States Government, mentioned:

“Google has been arguing that by blocking Huawei from doing business, the United States risks creating two types of Android operating system: the original version and a hybrid. The hybrid is likely to have more bugs than Google’s. , so it could put Huawei phones at higher risk of being hacked, especially by China. ”

As we know, after the announcement of the Huawei veto, the Chinese company assured that they were prepared and were already developing an alternative operating system for their devices, which, it is believed, would be based on the open source version of Android.

In fact, Google would not be the only one in these negotiations, since, according to the FT, Qualcomm had also joined this negotiating group. The most recent request would be directed to the United States Department of Commerce, to whom they are requesting a new extension for the entry into force of the blockade or, the total exemption.

Google has not confirmed that this group exists or that they are negotiating with the US government, but in statements to Gizmodo they only limited themselves to mentioning that their “objective is to protect the safety of Google users in the millions of Huawei phones in the United States. United and around the world. “