After a localized experiment Google expands the use of mobile data to all Android with Stadia: can now be activated freely. Although yes, with a limitation so as not to consume excessively the most contained rates: streaming by mobile data will have a maximum resolution of 720p.

Google Stadia started out as a promising way to play quality titles without having a computer capable of running great graphics, and little by little he has seen the competition grow. Nvidia’s GeForce Now is out of beta, just like Microsoft’s Game Pass. And one last, unexpected opponent threatens to steal even more ground from Stadia: Amazon Luna. So Google is evolving its streaming gaming platform so that many more users can access it, especially on mobile phones.

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Play with mobile data only at 720p

Google is activating the option of mobile data to all users of the Stadia platform. Before integrated into the experiments section (the option to force streaming on officially non-compatible devices is still active there), now can be found within the performance options. Thanks to this, it is not essential to play with the mobile under WiFi since Stadia will also work when connected to mobile networks.

As 9to5Google discovered, and we have been able to verify in our accounts, Stadia already has the option to play with mobile data. To activate it, do the following:

  • Open Google Stadia and click on your avatar icon, top right.
  • Enter the ‘Performance’ options.
  • Go down to the bottom and activate the corresponding slide with ‘Use mobile data‘.
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The option to play with mobile data is active both for free users of Google Stadia and for those who are subscribed to the gaming platform. The limit for gaming with mobile data is 720p, a resolution that it has incurred an expense close to 2.7 GB per hour. Therefore, you have to be very careful when activating, especially if you have a somewhat limited data rate.

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