Some of the consumers who bought Google Stadia, a video game streaming service, are complaining that their Chromecast Ultra devices “overheat” and force the system to shut down mid-game without recording progress.

“I was in the middle of a fight in Destiny 2 when, suddenly, my Chromecast died and I lost my connection to the network,” wrote armadeon7479 on the Stadia subreddit subreddit (thanks to Comicbook). “I unplugged it and it was extremely hot. Has anyone else seen your Chromecast Ultra that comes with the Founder’s Edition overheating? I haven’t seen any other topics about it.”

“Thank you for bringing this to our attention,” replied Grace, a Google representative. “We know that any type of heating on a device can be worrying, but we can confirm that there are no thermal overheating issues on the Chromecast Ultra. During normal use (like watching videos on Youtube), the surface of the device can become hot when you touch it. on it, but this is working as intended.

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“The team carried out extensive testing on hardware, services and games, this includes long game and video tests at Stadia and we had no problems with shutdown due to heating.”

However, users are not convinced.

“Mine did not successfully run a game on Chromecast for more than 10 minutes before ending due to overheating!” says Raiotech. “Obviously, the customers who supported you and paid for the launch of new technology are having problems and you respond with a denial of the problem. This is not how you convince people to stay and trust you to buy things from yourself. Nobody is perfect, some stuff escapes, maybe it’s a set of Chromecast Ulras with problems. Whatever it is, recognize that it’s a problem and solve it. “

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“I mean that when it works, Stadia works beautifully and I want it to be successful,” replied armadeon7479. “Having said that, you cannot tell me that the problem does not exist when I just passed it and other users are saying that this is a problem with the Chromecast Ultra that precedes Stadia. We are literally at the point where people had to create the your own homemade cooling. “

“Mine is extremely hot and turned off after playing for 20 minutes. Now it doesn’t even connect to my home account,” said ultv336, while XHeavygunX added: “Mine got extremely hot when I touch it just after watching Netflix in 4K or playing Stadia. Last night, I was worried that it would start to burn when my wife accidentally touched her and unplugged it as quickly as I could. “

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At the moment, Google has not yet officially responded to complaints from other users.

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