The Android app store receives a new design for the category section, currently only accessible to certain users: icons change appearance in apps, games, movies and books, also inside the space dedicated to family accounts. This renewal is part of a Google test.

The design of the Play Store has changed considerably over the years since Google abandoned the Android Market to renew the appearance of the store in 2012. It was a drastic change, after which different events followed. aesthetic and functional evolutions, including the expected dark theme. Now a little revamp in the design is on the way to some user’s mobile: Google is testing a new aesthetic for categories.

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More detailed and colorful highlight icons

New aspect of the Google Play Store Left, current design; right, test design

Google uses to perform localized testing on a very small number of users, a strategy that prevents most from viewing future changes to applications. Typically these are tests that don’t eventually materialize, so you should always take renovations with a lot of caution, especially if they happen in an app the size of the Play Store. As they found out on Reddit and highlighted on 9to5Google, the categories shift from dark, flat green to near neon colors and detail.

How to install apps on Android from the Google Play website

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The new design concerns the styling of the icons in the different categories, apps and games, movies and books. These icons they look a bit more childish and appear with a higher level of detail. The style is maintained in light and dark themes; As a result, we get a great contrast of the background, especially with the theme of light.

New aspect of the Google Play Store The new design is transferred to the children’s section

Google is also bringing the new look of categories to the family section of the store, which features kid-friendly content. This design offers a sort of cover map; with the column list of all categories by clicking on ‘See more’. Tones close to neon are preserved at all times, some colors that do not finish harmonizing with the rest of the interface. This fact could indicate the initial state of renewal.

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New aspect of the Google Play Store The films and books section also saw its categories renewed

To check if you have the new design, you need to go to the categories of the different sections of the Google Play Store. If you keep the old design you can only wait for google to activate it (if he finally does). The store update does not get the new design.