Google Play Music seems to have little to do. Google has just confirmed that users of the Google service will lose access “later this year”But before that, the company will ease their transition to YouTube Music. How? ‘Or’ What? ‘Or what? Basically, allow a system song transfer, preferences and playlists from Google Play Music to YouTube Music.

Until the closure of Google Play Music, the date of which has not yet been fully determined, users can access both services, Play Music and YouTube Music. The idea is that they “have enough time to transfer the content”, which is not insignificant because Play Music has made it possible to download up to 50,000 songs to the cloud, in addition to giving them music. space to get used to the new application.

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From Google Play Music to YouTube Music preserving library

As we said, Google Play Music has allowed the import up to 50,000 audio tracks to the cloud so users can access it from any device, both streaming and downloading locally. Closing the service could mean many people lose their files, playlists, and podcasts, but Google has already covered its back by allowing up to 100,000 files to be uploaded to YouTube Music.

Thanks to the YouTube Music application (Android / iOS), preinstalled on all Android 9 and 10 mobiles, Google Play Music users can proceed to import your content. This includes, and we quote verbatim, “downloads, purchases, songs and albums you’ve added, playlists you’ve subscribed to, content you’ve tagged” Like “and” I ” dislikes ”, selected stations and your personal preferences. ”

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Once the import is complete, users will receive a notification and can access their music library as before. It should be noted that only the user can listen to the songs he downloaded, nobody else. Therefore, if you share a playlist that contains music imported or imported from Google Play Music with another person, that person will not be able to listen to it.

To listen to songs downloaded from YouTube Music in the background, you don’t need to pay a subscription

For the rest of the catalog (the 50 million songs on YouTube Music), users can listen to it with ads or opt for a paid subscription, which allows background listening, download, and removal of ads. Subscription it is not at all necessary to listen to the songs that the user uploads to the platform. These can be heard in the background, ad-free, and offline whether or not paid for by YouTube Music Premium.

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And what will happen to users who have an unlimited Google Play Music subscription? Google claims that will automatically convert to equivalent level YouTube Music Premium or YouTube Premium, “depending on their current benefits and at no additional cost.” Currently, the YouTube Music Premium subscription is worth 9.99 euros per month and YouTube Premium, which includes YouTube without ads, is 11.99 euros per month.

When it comes to podcasts, YouTube Music doesn’t have a built-in player, so users will have to upload their shows to Google Podcast. It is now possible on this site.

Source: Engadget

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