After a break, Google is planning a new Chromecast model for this year, but with Sabrina there will be many changes to the previous devices. Actually, a new Chromecast would not be absolutely necessary, but the fourth generation has completely different software on board and offers more accessories. The new device is now being presented to important approval authorities, so the market launch is imminent.

GZRNL and G9N9N have now surfaced at the American FCC. The American colleagues are more likely to agree that one of these model numbers stands for the new Chromecast and the other for the associated remote control. Because unlike its predecessors, the new Chromecast, known internally as Sabrina, should be equipped with Android TV. Of course, this makes the device more extensive and independent, hence the remote control.

Images from previous leaks:

The only thing we learn from the latest information from the FCC is that the remote control is connected to the streaming dongle via Bluetooth. Apart from that, there are no further details that are not already known or conceivable. Google seems to be slowly but surely preparing the new Chromecast, which could ultimately have a different name, for the market launch. In the worst case, we would have to wait until October.

via 9to5Google