Grand Operations Battlefield 5 is immediately available.

There has been some uncertainty this week about Battlefield 5’s Grand Operations, but this Guard can tell you that they will be available right from the start of the game. Happy! There are more beautiful messages, read them in the N8W8!

Good morning beautiful people, today is July 30, we are in the middle of summer and today in 1956 Eisenhower signed the resolution declaring “In God We Trust” to be the motto of the US. And strangely enough, we don’t know how, John Harvey Kellogg happened to discover the cornflake today in 1898. Surprise! This N8W8 is also full of surprises.

Grand Operations Battlefield 5 is immediately available

Kingdom Hearts 3 will keep you sweet for 80 hours

The highly anticipated third major Kingdom Hearts game has a campaign of 40-50 hours, but it will take you over 80 hours to complete the entire game. Geek writes that there are several mini-games, including a cooking game from Ratatouille and sidescrolling games based on the legendary Mickey cartoons from the 1930s. Very nice.

Grand Operations Battlefield 5 is immediately available

Battlefield 5’s Grand Operations still available at launch

Several stories were circulating in recent days about the Grand Operations of Battlefield 5. These would not be available at the launch of the game, but this turns out to be old information. EA has confirmed that the first Grand Operation will be available upon release. You can read more about this upgraded variant of the Operations multiplayer mode from Battlefield 1 in a new post from EA.

Surgeon Simulator CPR is coming to Switch this fall

GET YOUR SCALPEL! It’s time to cut people again (virtual people!) Because CPR will be hitting Switch in the fall. Surgeon Simulator CPR is a Surgeon Sim from Bossa and it’s finally coming to the Switch. CPR means that the motion controls are used and the vibration of the Joy-Cons is used to simulate a very realistic operation. What’s more, the co-op option is new, so you don’t have to go through all this misery alone.

Grand Operations Battlefield 5 is immediately available

Fortnite update 5.1 brings a new problem to the game

Fortnite is a year and that comes with a lot of goodies, but also an update that is not quite right. 5.1 has fixed ghost peeking (meaning players shoot someone while hidden), there seem to be some issues that make it hard to aim down. In any case, that is noticeable with Redditor Grass — Tastes_Bad when the Cuddle Team Leader premium skin is used. Meh!

Code Vein: Lots of new gameplay visuals

It is a challenge in terms of language, but check in the video below 16.15, 19.37 and 34.46 if you have little patience. Code Vein, look forward to it, but we have to wait until 2019 for it to be released.

Grand Operations Battlefield 5 is immediately available

Better Call Saul, Fear the Walking Dead and McMafia are getting a new season

Hopefully you can stand Jason Segel as he’s getting a new series on AMC called Dispatches From Elsewhere. The series revolves around a group of people with an ordinary life, but that changes when they encounter a kind of mysterious puzzle. A bit vague. Need clarity? AMC has decided to provide three series with a new season: Better Call Saul, Fear the Walking Dead and McMafia.

Marvel’s Iron Fist features a new trailer for the second season

September 7, the Iron Fist series will continue on Netflix. The first season wasn’t mega-popular, but Netflix is ​​giving it another shot. This is the new trailer for that second season:

Mowgli the movie is coming to Netflix in 2019

Netflix has bought the rights to Mowgli, the new live action Jungle Book spin-off by director Andy Serkis. It’s a film project that has been through a lot of bumps and was supposed to be released in October this year. That will not work, but Netflix has put him on the schedule in 2019. Rohan Chand plays the title role and Christian Bale, Cate Blanchett, Benedict Cumberbatch and Andy Serkis can be heard as Bagheera, Kaa, Shere KHan and Baloo. Nice cast already!

Grand Operations Battlefield 5 is immediately available

Fine: Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill return in the new Star Wars flick

It has been known for a while, but your Wait still wants to bring it: Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill will shine again in the new Star Wars movie. Mark Hamill can actually do that himself, but images of Carrie are used that were recorded for The Force Awakens. No CGI for Leia Organa in the film, it really only uses previously recorded work by Carrie Fisher. Very special, so we will see in December 2019 what that will look like in Star Wars: Episode IX.

You wave off Wait with this great news. Good luck with Monday, unless you are on vacation because then you will rock it anyway, and have a very nice day today!

Grand Operations Battlefield 5 is immediately available