How many times have you surprised yourself singing in the shower? And what is worse, surely you have had occasions in which in the middle of soaping they have put that song that you do not like and you have not been able to go out and change it… trapped in the bathroom with the hateful song.

They are two situations that, with a little humor, you have surely experienced and that their days may be numbered if you get hold of a Bluetooth speaker like this one that they present together Grohe and Philips and that responds to the significant name of Aquatunes.

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Aquatunes is a speaker designed for the shower (or places in the home where there is a danger of our speaker getting wet) with a Bluetooth connection to connect it with our tablet, _smartphone_ computer and in this way play our favorite music from the same shower and without fear of getting it wet because it is a waterproof speaker or rather, waterproof (has IPx7 protection).

Aquatunes allows a distance from the sound source up to 10 meters and thanks to the adapter to place it on the shower bar offers a firm and easy holdas it can be easily adjusted to the most common diameters of between 20-25 millimeters thanks to its flexible adapter.

Philips DesignLine, analysis

These are its main features:

  • _premium_ design with glossy white Moon White finish
  • Waterproof speaker and charging base with IPx7 protection
  • Compatible with shower bars or shower system bars Ø 20-25 mm
  • Buttons On/Off, syncro, volume +/-, previous/next track
  • Built-in rechargeable battery for 8 hours of operation
  • PHILIPS 2W high quality sound
  • LED indicator light for On/Off, Charging, Fully Charged and Synchronization.
  • Charger docking station with integrated power cord

The Aquatunes has a rechargeable battery that offers up to 8 hours of autonomy (an LED informs us of the state of the charge) and to charge it we only have to extract the Aquatunes portable speaker from the holder and put it on the charger, which is also an ultra-fast type. We can even listen to music while we have it on the charging base.

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And for the handling too. presents a simple and functional designas it has an on/off button, volume control, a Bluetooth button for pairing with our _smartphone_, tablet or computer and two buttons, Previous/Next to change songs.

You no longer have an excuse not to sing in the shower Or stay tuned with this speaker, which will help you bring your music, stored or _streaming_, to the most humid corners of the house.

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