GTA 6 can be revealed during the Super Bowl LV.

New theory explains why GTA 6 will be revealed in February

It has been seven years since GTA 5 was released. Although the DLC and GTA Online updates have captured fans, some are beginning to wonder when the next game will appear. Well, if an online theory is correct, GTA 6, or at least one ad, may be nearby.

Since Super Bowl 54 last February, several fan rumors have surfaced speculating that Rockstar was using Vice City references throughout the broadcast to allude to the next game scenario. These theories are quite convincing, but more than a year later, Rockstar never confirmed that they had anything to do with them.

GTA 6 can be revealed during the Super Bowl LV

A Reddit user believes that Rockstar plans to announce Grand Theft Auto 6 during the Super Bowl on February 7.

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The theory

An alleged leak of 2019 stated that Grand Theft Auto 6 would take place partially in Florida and focus on the Latin American drug trade. This is central to the theory put forward by Reddit user ItsTreDay1, which points out that the Super Bowl LV will take place in Tampa, Florida. The previous Superbowl took place in Miami, Florida, the inspiration for GTA: Vice City. A GTA 6 created in Florida could mean a return to Vice City, although a GTA replacement for Tampa is also an option.

GTA 6 can be revealed during the Super Bowl LV

In addition, there were references to GTA: Vice City during last year’s Super Bowl. During the game, the NFL used fonts and graphics similar to those used in the Vice City box art. This includes team names written in Grand Theft Auto signature sources. Another graphic was almost identical to the game’s logo, while a third one made reference to the iconic GTA box art.

And the user has other evidence to support his claim. Canadian singer-songwriter The Weeknd is scheduled to perform at the Super Bowl Half Time Show. Last year, the video for The Weeknd’s Blinding Lights briefly showed an arrow-shaped sign saying: “GTA 6 trailer”. The sign was visible only for a few frames. Still, it was enough to get the attention of GTA fans.

GTA 6 can be revealed during the Super Bowl LV

He also believes that the supposed teasers of Rockstar’s Super Bowl 54 Vice City closing the circle at Super Bowl 55 would be an impressive “chess move in Rockstar’s marketing plan”. While it is true that creating a teaser a year in advance would be an incredible move, Super Bowl ads cost millions of dollars.

The Super Bowl LV takes place on February 7.

GTA 6 can be revealed during the Super Bowl LV

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