When you give your players the chance to make almost anything they want In a sandbox full of details, it’s inevitable that trends will emerge from time to time. The city of Los Santos in the online aspect of GTA V is practically a living organism in which something is always going on, however absurd that may be.

The latest trend for weeks has been to get together in groups, dress up as aliens, get in a van and find other players to beat them. It’s that simple, but there is something hypnotic about each of these towers. Here are some examples in video form.

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Sometimes they are green, sometimes purple. Sometimes they have baseball bats, sometimes they blow your face. Trolling from space, anyway. Imagine yourself being a poor gamer calmly minding his own business when he sees in the distance a handful of guys in tight suits (that’s his skin, sorry, earthly error) who come full speed ahead to give him the rhythm of his life.

Sometimes they work a bit more and organize more elaborate beatings. In this video here (minute 0:35) they hug a poor player to get him into his van, they take him to a cabin in God knows where, and proceed to give him a good bang.

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Some are lucky. In this other video, a player is surprised to see how a handful of strangers get out of their van solely and exclusively to assault him. He runs away, but an alien weapon ends up knocking him down. Fortunately, he had already requested teleportation to his apartment, so get rid of blows at the last minute. It is better to listen to it in voice chat “Three aliens are chasing me! “.

In fact, GTA Online players don’t defend themselves badly. Here you can see a few who, instead of running away, face to face with strangers. Some of them even leave grenades on the ground which send the invaders on, as observed from 1:57 am and 6:02 am.

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If you want to see more alien trollsTake a tour of Reddit. In threads like this, this, or that, there are more videos of humorous situations caused by connections beyond the stars (the cover image is the latest of these, posted by user Toa_Firox).

It’s clear that these aliens do not come in peace, but instead of taking over Earth, they’re just playing the devil. If you meet them you will have to be smarter because they work as a team.

Source: Gadgetsnow