GTA San Andreas: see the main game codes.

Image: Rockstar

There is no doubt that GTA San Andreas is one of the best titles in the Grand Theft Auto series for most players and one of the largest amounts of codes to offer a little extra help along the way.

If you are looking for these combinations, see the list below. And know that the faster and more accurately you type each of them, the greater the chances that they will work without a hitch.

GTA San Andreas: see the main game codes

(Source: Rockstar/Reproduction)Source: Rockstar Games

Codes for PC game

  • AEDUWNV: never feel hungry again
  • AEZAKMI: cancels wanted level
  • AFPHULTL: activates a ninja theme
  • AFSNMSMW: activates flying boats
  • AFZLLQLL: game with clear skies
  • AGBDLCID: materializes the Monster
  • AIWPRTON: materializes the Rhino
  • AIYPWZQP: get a parachute
  • AJLOJYQY: All pedestrians attack each other with golf clubs
  • AKJJYGLC: materializes the Quad
  • ALNSFMZO: game with cloudy weather
  • AMOMHRER: materializes the Tanker Truck
  • AQTBCODX: materializes Romero
  • ASBHGRB: Everyone looks like Elvis
  • AUIFRVQS: game with rainy weather
  • BAGUVIX: makes health infinite
  • BEKKNQV: attracts girls who work on the streets
  • BGKGTJH: all traffic is made up of cheap cars
  • BGLUAWML: Pedestrians Attack Each Other With Various Weapons
  • BMTPWHR: field vehicles and pedestrians
  • BSXSGGC: when hit, cars float
  • BTCDBCB: makes the protagonist fat
  • CFVFGMJ: game time with fog
  • CIKGCGX: all in swimsuits
  • COXEFGU: all cars have nitro
  • CPKTNWT: blow up all cars
  • CQZIJMB: materializes the Bloodring Banger
  • CVWKXAM: infinite oxygen
  • CWJXUOC: makes sand appear
  • EEGCYXT: materializes the Dozer
  • FOOOXFT: everybody armed
  • FVTMNBZ: all traffic is made up of field vehicles
  • GUSNHDE: All traffic is made up of fast cars
  • HESOYAM: come to life, a vest and $250,000 at the same time
  • IAVENJQ: activates the Mega Punch
  • IOJUFZN: disturbs public order
  • IOWDLAC: All traffic goes black
  • JQNTDMH: materializes the Rancher
  • JUMPJET: materializes the Hydra
  • JYSDSOD: increases muscles
  • KGGGDKP: materializes the Vortex
  • KJKSZPJ: Get the Professional Weapons Pack
  • KRIJEBR: materializes the Stretch
  • KVGYZQK: makes the protagonist skinny
  • LFGMHAL: activates the Mega Jump
  • LIYOAAY: slows down the whole game
  • LJSPQK: raises wanted level to 6 stars
  • LLQPFBN: All traffic turns pink
  • LXGIWYL: give another heavy artillery pack
  • MGHXYRM: nervous time
  • MROEMZH: Everyone is a member of one of the groups that control the city
  • MUNASEF: Adrenaline mode (everything is in slow motion)
  • NCSGDAG: maximum level in all artillery
  • OGXSDAG: raises respect to maximum value
  • OHDUDE: materializes the Hunter
  • OSRBLHH: Increases wanted level by 2 stars
  • OUIQDMW: allows you to use the crosshair while driving
  • PDNEJOH: materializes the Racecar
  • PGGOMOY: Enables Perfect Steering
  • PPGWJHT: the whole game gets faster
  • PRIEBJ: activates the Funhouse theme
  • RIPAZHA: activates flying cars
  • RZHSUEW: materializes the Caddy (golf cart)
  • SJMAHPE: recruit anyone with 9mm pistol
  • SZCMAWO: CJ kills himself
  • THGLOJ: reduces traffic
  • UBHYZHQ: materializes the Trashmaster (trash cart)
  • URKQSRK: Materializes Stunt Plane
  • UZUMYMW: another code for equipment package
  • VKYPQCF: all taxis have nitro and honk when honking
  • VPJTQWV: materializes another Racecar
  • VQIMAHA: maximizes all skills of all vehicles
  • WANRLTW: makes ammo infinite (no need to reload)
  • XICWMD: makes the car invisible
  • XJVSNAJ: it’s always midnight in the game
  • YECGAA: activates the JetPack (one of the best equipment)
  • YLTEICZ: drivers get nervous
  • YSOHNUL: time passes faster
  • ZEIIVG: all lights turn green
  • ZSOXFSQ: recruit anyone with rockets

Did you know all these codes for GTA San Andreas? By the way, did you ever see that the game trailer was recreated with a graphic style very close to that seen in current PlayStation 5 titles? Leave your message in the comments.

GTA San Andreas: see the main game codes