Guardian Tales season 2 roadmap revealed.

This week, Kakao Games announced a season 2 roadmap for Guardian Tales, highlighting Kong Studios’ direction and implementing feedback that will roll out in 2021!

Please note the dates listed are for the Korean server and global release dates may vary.

In World Exploration Mode, explore the world map to encounter numerous events, rewards and enemies.

Guardian Tales season 2 roadmap revealed
  • Each world has a powerful ‘World Boss’ that heroes will have to defeat in order to progress
  • In addition to battles, each world has numerous events for each hero
  • Earn special rewards by participating in events
  • Players can earn ‘merchandise’ by playing in World Exploration Mode

3D printing will also be added to Guardian Tales as part of this update. This addition can be found in the blacksmith shop.

  • Players can craft numerous ‘merchandise’ from materials obtained in World Exploration Mode
  • Merchandise is a new type of equipment item that can be equipped once per hero
  • Equipping merchandise grants numerous stats and special options
  • With a small chance, a ‘Super Costume’ can be earned while making merchandise.
  • Super costumes change the pixel art illustration of the character

Changes to Co-op Rewards

Guardian Tales season 2 roadmap revealed
  • Co-op rewards are now similar to Arena rewards
  • The time for collecting rewards changes from 24 hours to 48 hours
  • However, on Sundays it is 24 hours.
  • A week consists of three periods of 48 hours and one period of 24 hours
  • Clear rewards for the top level of the dungeon can be stacked 3 times for each reward time
  • While collecting rewards, players can earn all rewards by clearing the dungeon with 3 different heroes
  • If you have played with a single hero many times, only the highest record will be accepted

Kama-ZONE is getting some changes for Season 2 and is no longer limited by tickets. Players can enjoy this mode at any time, changing the endless floor format to a finite one.

  • Kama-ZONE difficulty will change, but can be selected upon entry
  • The rewards are difficult to change
  • The reward system will change
  • Rewards earned by clearing each node can now be earned by clearing the boss node from each floor
  • Each floor reward cannot be earned more than once and resets every 3 days
  • Artifacts now last a season and can be earned and upgraded with exclusive coins obtained by progressing through the Kama ZONE
  • These will not disappear even after exiting the dungeon, or when rewards are reset
  • These rewards do not take up space in the Artifact inventory

Each hero can be allegiance to a total of 5 gods in step 4 of Guardian Tales Season 2. With an increasing faith level for each god, the hero will gain holy power to match.

Guardian Tales season 2 roadmap revealed
  • ‘Relic’ is added as a reward earned from Adventure, World Exploration and events
  • The belief level for a specific god can be increased by donating a relic to that god
  • There is a limit of up to 5 different belief levels that can be combined and reassigned
  • The propensity for heroes will influence the appeal for each faith
  • A belief that does not suit the hero will be difficult or even impossible to rise
  • If you use Hero Reset, all relics used will be returned

Arena League Division

  • Arena is divided into multiple leagues
  • League allocation is decided at the start of the season
  • All leagues are equal, with no higher or lower divisions
  • Seasonal ranking rewards are based on ranking within a league

Top Arena System

Guardian Tales season 2 roadmap revealed
  • Top Arena starts after the Arena season is over and lasts for a week with co-op
  • Admission to Top Arena is granted to Guardians placed with a high ranking during the season
  • Guardian Level is set at Max level in Top Arena
  • Ban and Pick System will be added in Top Arena
  • Each player bans 1 hero
  • Each player chooses his hero in order
  • When the selection is over, each player decides the order of the heroes in the match.
  • The order of heroes is not revealed to the opponent until the match begins
  • The best Arena battle results are available to everyone
  • Top Arena rewards will not be significantly larger than normal Arena

Many Guardians have requested a replay mode for the Guardian Tales story mode. We are designing the replays to not only allow players to relive each stage, but also experience a perfect reimagination to recapture most of the rewards previously given. However, in-game artifacts and quests intertwined in many worlds made it difficult to make the main story replay. This development roadmap starts with Side Story Reversal, then Side Story Replay, and finally the Main Story Replay.

  • The first reversion update is ’21 Kanterbury Street’ and will be updated along with the update on March 9 (Tuesday).
  • To apply the Side Story Reversion System, you will not be able to access the Side Stories from February 17 (Wednesday) 14:00 KST / 06:00 CET / 05:00 UTC / 21:00 PST.
  • If you roll back, you can re-earn all rewards by completing each stage, but cards and costumes cannot be re-earned.

New guild content is also planned by Kong Studios during Season 2 of Guardian Tales. The development team comes up with lots of ideas during prototype creation and testing.

  • Current ideas being tested include Guild Exploration, Guild War, and Guild Co-op.
  • This prototyping will take time, but the team is aiming for summer 2021
  • Guild system reforms will also be regularly updated before the summer

The roadmap above outlines where Guardian Tales is headed from now through Summer 2021. The team at Kong Studios are excited to share more, including information on Season 2’s first world in mid-April.

Guardian Tales season 2 roadmap revealed