It’s time for a new quiz! Can you guess who these heroes are?

Here are some fragments of splash art. Can you guess who it all belongs to?

Guess the champ by the splash snippet!

Fragments can also represent skins, not just base versions of characters. In the case of group splash art, of course, it is about the character, part of which is shown in the question.

Olaf Pantheon Sejuani Tryndamere Correct! Wrong!

Diana Vladimir Kayn Ekko Correct! Wrong!

Aatrox Rumble Kha’Zix Malphite Correct! Wrong!

Nocturne Zed Urgot Rek’Sai Correct! Wrong!

Guess the champ by the splash snippet!

Darius Tryndamere Mordekaiser Garen Correct! Wrong!

Kog’Maw Cho’Gath Kled Fizz Correct! Wrong!

Fiora Soraka Camille Lissandra Correct! Wrong!

Guess the champ by the splash snippet!

Soraka Nidalee Vladimir Karthus Correct! Wrong!

Dr. Mundo Kasahara’s Belly Taric Olaf Correct! Wrong!

Twitch Malzahar Ziggs Bard Correct! Wrong!

Leona Kayle Janna Diana Correct! Wrong!

Guess the champ by the splash snippet!

Karthus Swain Karma Kassadin Correct! Wrong!

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And how did it go? How many points? Someone surprised you?