Water resistance: officially certified AirPods Pro

In addition to the hearing experience, the new AirPods Pro have IPX4 protection, which the classic AirPods hardly had. This guarantee, now superior to Samsung’s Galaxy Buds (IPX2), does not guarantee total immersion in water, but will make it possible to deal with splashing water as well as sweat.

It is especially among athletes that this addition will appeal the most. Indeed, without any certification, the classic AirPods had something to always leave a little fear to their owners, in the event of physical exercise or raindrops touching the wireless headphones. The AirPods Pro will be more reliable on this point.

Price comparison between AirPods Pro and classic AirPods

Let’s finish on the financial aspect of this comparison between the differences of AirPods Pro versus classic AirPods. Apple has just unveiled the price for its new AirPods Pro. They will be available at a price of 279 €, or € 50 more than AirPods 2 with wireless charging, and € 100 with classic AirPods. The price increase is significant compared to classic AirPods, but remains fairly measured vis-à-vis the AirPods 2 and their wireless case.

AirPods Pro at the best price Base price: 279 €


AirPods 2 with wireless charging at the best price Base price: 229 €


It is difficult to know today if Apple will decline its new AirPods Pro in a slightly cheaper version, with a case that is not compatible with wireless charging. But in view of the evolution of technologies towards wireless, it would not be surprising if only one version of these headphones was finally released.

[GUIDE] :  AirPods Pro what is changing?  and what are the differences between AirPods Pro and AirPods 2 Part two

AirPods Pro vs AirPods: what are the differences and which one should you choose?

Should you buy the standard AirPods or the AirPods Pro? We give you the keys to choose well.

[GUIDE] :  AirPods Pro what is changing?  and what are the differences between AirPods Pro and AirPods 2 Part two

Apple currently makes two models of wireless headphones: the second-generation AirPods which are priced at $ 179 (and $ 229 with the wireless charging case) and the AirPods Pro at $ 279, which feature active noise canceling. . There is therefore a significant price difference between the two models. But the design is also not the same. The AirPods Pro are in-ear, they fit in the ear canal to improve sound insulation and this is not suitable for everyone.

AirPods vs AirPods Pro

AirPods AirPods Pro
Price 179€ 279€
Active reduction Non Yes
Soundproofing Non Yes
Autonomy 4.5 hours 5 hours
Wireless charging € 229 version Yes

AirPods: for the price

If we can put it that way, the main reason to buy the standard AirPods is to save money. Especially since discounts are often practiced with a price that drops below 150 euros. The biggest downside to the “open” design of AirPods is that it allows ambient sound to seep in. They deliver decent audio quality in quiet environments – and their performance for making calls is almost as good as the AirPods Pro – but the listening experience deteriorates in noisy environments. They will be perfect for people who do not like to have silicone pads in the ears. This is the reason why they are so popular.

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Apple AirPods (2019)
Although they cannot compete with the best models on the market on the sound side (difficult to have powerful bass with traditional shaped headphones), the 2019 AirPods offer quite decent audio quality but above all, these headphones have a extremely reliable wireless connection, with a very satisfactory level of latency. Their induction charger, available as an option, is also very practical and Bluetooth pairing is very simple, even with Android or Windows, contrary to what one might think. On the other hand, touch controls are limited and not always effective, and their lack of isolation can get in the way in noisy environments. But their biggest flaw in our opinion is their high price. However, if you can’t stand in-ear headphones, the 2019 AirPods truly remain the best alternative for you.

  • Amazon

    135,00 €

  • Shopping street

    135,00 €

  • Darty Marketplace

    142,99 €

  • Electro Depot

    148,00 €

  • Cdiscount

    159,00 €

  • Son-Video

    159,00 €

AirPods Pro: for noise reduction

Standard AirPods fit some people’s ears perfectly, but for others it’s much more complicated. If you are in the latter group, you should orient yourself towards the AirPods Pro.

Besides the design, the first thing that one notices with the AirPods Pro is the sound quality which surpasses that of the AirPods. They have a lot more bass, which is largely due to their in-ear design. Standard AirPods sound decent, but they don’t perform well against outside noise (low frequencies are like drowned out).

AirPods Pro have three microphones on each earbud. They also have effective noise reduction and a ventilation system that is not only supposed to relieve some of the pressure that may build up in your ear, but also help reduce wind noise. More importantly, you can just hear calls better thanks to the sound insulation.

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Apple AirPods Pro
This “Pro” version of the AirPods has been completely overhauled, and for the better because we believe they are the best headphones on the market. On the menu, a sweat-proof in-ear design (advice to athletes) offering excellent comfort while avoiding the intrusive side of this format, a high-quality sound reproduction, much richer in particular in bass, but also a high-performance active noise reduction and an ever-reliable wireless connection. More compact than the Sony WF-1000XM3, however, they offer slightly lower audio quality in our opinion, slightly less practical controls and average battery life. However, they are recharged more easily thanks to their case supporting induction charging, which compensates for the lack of a USB-C port. Although their price tag is very steep, AirPods Pro will appeal to those who don’t support in-ear headphones well, and iOS and Android users alike.

AirPods versus AirPods Pro: what are the differences between Apple’s wireless headphones?

Flagship products of the Apple catalog, AirPods have now become a range. In addition to the classic version, a Pro version has been added. Numerama takes stock of the differences.

In 2019, AirPods have become more fashionable accessories than ever before (thank you footballers). The object managed to establish itself as the best-selling earphone of the year and spawned a whole wave of rechargeable wireless products through a case – some, like Sony’s, being very good. . The Cupertino company has added simplicity of use, integrated into its software ecosystem. On October 30, 2019, Apple added a second stone to the building with the launch of the AirPods Pro, even more ambitious.

Logically sold more expensive and using the nomenclature specific to Apple (when it’s Pro, it’s better), the AirPods Pro are distinguished from the classics by a new design and, above all, an active noise reduction. What are the differences between the two products? We take stock.


For the AirPods Pro, Apple engineers have not stupidly adopted the design of the classic AirPods, which can be recognized for miles by their long rod. Still present, said rod has been greatly reduced (30.9 mm against 40.5) and is slightly inclined. Aesthetically, it is much prettier, even though the white color is not a factor of discretion.

AirPods Pro are advertised with water and sweat resistance (IPX4 rating). This is not the case with AirPods, which can still be used during physical activity.

Note also that the charging case is different: less high, necessarily, but wider, without being disproportionate. In all cases, it retains fairly contained dimensions, unlike certain competitors (example: the Powerbeats Pro from Beats).

Another difference: AirPods come with a USB to Lightning cable, whereas Pro’s switch to USB-C to Lightning.

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Apple has designed its AirPods to be as universal as possible. And if they fit you, bingo: they will never fall (even when playing sports). Regarding the Pro, the choice to opt for the intra will not necessarily please everyone (a headset that really fits in the ear can cause discomfort over long sessions). More intrusive in essence, AirPods Pro come with three sizes of silicone tips. During the first start, a test protocol allows to know the most suitable size for his ear.

To reduce the pressure of the tips that can be exerted inside the ear, the AirPods Pro have an air cooling system. It is used to relieve the user, knowing, as a bonus, that the tip does not come to fix on a hard grip as is traditionally the case on intras. Apple has managed to find an entirely soft solution, therefore more comfortable. After trying them, one can say one thing: you don’t smell the AirPods Pro.

[GUIDE] :  AirPods Pro what is changing?  and what are the differences between AirPods Pro and AirPods 2 Part two


AirPods and AirPods Pro share most of the features we’ve come to expect from wireless headphones. Namely: easy configuration, integration of voice command ‘Hey Siri’ and wireless charging (optional on classic AirPods).

AirPods Pro offer active noise reduction with Transparency mode to cut it instantly. Apple is also adding many more physical controls. The small rod incorporates a pressure sensor that reacts to the finger: you press once to start / pause, twice to start the next track and three times to go back. A long press switches from noise reduction mode to Transparency mode. On regular AirPods, double-tapping the ear cup (not the stem) acts as a shortcut for a single command.

AirPods AirPods Pro
‘Dis Siri’ Yes (from 2nd gen) Yes
Wireless charging Optional Yes
Active noise reduction Non Yes
Autonomy 5h (24h with box) Between 4:30 a.m. and 5 a.m. (24h with box)


In terms of acoustic performance, AirPods have never impressed. At best, they amazed. For the Pro, higher performance is expected. They are even essential to justify a higher price. On this point, Apple trusts adaptive equalization, linked to noise reduction and an internal microphone responsible for adjusting the rendering in real time (200 times per second, according to the manufacturer).

[GUIDE] :  AirPods Pro what is changing?  and what are the differences between AirPods Pro and AirPods 2 Part two

In practice, active noise reduction is enough to amaze us, as it is neat and pleasant. It plunges us into a cocoon which, by itself, allows us to sublimate our pieces. Our first listenings are very pleasant.


On the price side, we end up with the following grid:

AirPods AirPods (with wireless charging) AirPods Pro
Price 179 € 229 € 279 €