Some AirPods Pro owners have complained about sound interference with one of their headphones (often the left, sometimes the right). With the key, a replacement by Apple of the faulty earpiece or of the complete pair.

While posting an article on receiving one of these replacement headphones, a few of our readers had testified to the same symptom: a sort of sizzling or at least abnormal noise. It can occur in transparency mode as well as in noise reduction.

On Twitter, a discussion began yesterday on this subject. Again, users say they got a full swap or one of the headphones. In the Apple forums you can find messages that make you think of similar situations (1, 2, 3), just like on Reddit (1, 2, 3). Conversely, none of those who have these AirPods Pro at MacG, have yet noticed this noise.

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If this problem arises, before calling Apple, check if the defective earpiece is clean. It sounds simplistic as a solution, but with previous AirPods we already had the case where the sound was completely muffled, to the point of wondering if the earpiece was not dead. Ultimately, after a good brushing in the Apple Store, he had regained all his energy (see also AirPods: accessories guide and maintenance advice). This is unfortunately a well-known case of technicians in Apple Stores (who hardly taste having to clean customers’ earwax…).

Since AirPods Pro are completely different from previous AirPods, especially with their tips and membranes, it is not impossible that the inevitable accumulation of dirt ends up causing unwanted effects.

However, some users complained very soon after their purchase that this issue appeared. Perhaps there is something else in this case. So inspect your headphones first, and if they look clean, all that’s left is to contact Apple.

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AirPods Pro: the solution to crackling

On the Internet, and more specifically on various forums, and even via emails from our readers, we must have noticed that some users have problems with the crackling of one of the AirPods Pro earphones.

This is a fairly hot topic, a few months after the marketing of the new range of wireless headphones, which like its predecessors, seem to be facing some initial concerns.

This famous sizzling problem is none other than the one that comes up the most. So what’s the problem with Apple?

AirPods Pro face sizzling issues

Apple Stores seem to be prone to many instances of sizzling on the new AirPods side, most of the time leading to a problematic earpiece replacement.

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Only, it seems that the solution can be much simpler than going to the store: the cleanliness of the famous AirPods. Indeed, as it could be the case for the preceding generations, an excess of dirt can be at the origin of a crackle due to the accumulation.

To do a good cleaning, Apple recommends the use of a dry cotton for the speakers, and a soft cloth for the outside. So, before heading to an Apple store, give it a try for yourself, as most sound issues are caused by an unusually high level of earwax between the grates.

AirPods Pro: Apple Releases Solutions To Fix Sizzling Issues

It is also about correcting concerns with the level of active cancellation of the noise of the headphones.

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It has been several months now that many AirPro Pro owners complain crackling, constant hissing, and a malfunction of the noise canceling function of their headphones. Complaints to which Apple finally reacted by sharing solutions on its site (here and was) in order to correct the various concerns.

The Californian firm advises its customers to test these solutions before contacting the support service, but also to update their headphones. Some say the issues stem from an AirPods Pro software update that has since been removed and replaced with version 2D15. If you are having trouble with your headphones, consider updating them.

Among the solutions listed to correct active noise cancellation concerns, Apple advises cleaning the mesh on the top of AirPods Pro with a dry cotton swab. The reduction in the quality of the ambient noise cancellation could indeed come from the fouling of the headphones.

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If the problem persists despite cleaning, the Cupertino company then refers its customers to its assistant to replace the headphones. Note that this could be done at the user’s expense.

Are your AirPods Pro sizzling? Apple launches replacement program

The apple brand recognizes a problem with “a limited number of AirPods Pro”, likely according to the company to encounter sound problems. If your headphones are affected, Apple can replace them for free.

As Apple explains on the page dedicated to the replacement program, an AirPod Pro affected by this anomaly may have one or more of the following characteristics :

  • Crackling or static noises whose intensity increases in a noisy environment, during training or during a phone call
  • Incorrect operation of noise reduction technology, including causing the bass sound to decrease or background sounds to increase (for example, those produced by traffic or an airplane)
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The affected AirPod Pro (the left, the right or both) will be replaced for free by Apple or by an Apple Authorized Service Center.

To benefit from this free replacement, just find an Apple Authorized Service Center, visit an Apple Store, or contact Apple Support. And as Belgium is reconfiguring itself, it will therefore be necessary to go through the assistance, which is at this address.

The Cupertino company offers several solutions : a chat, telephone assistance, or even scheduling a call. Note that the case of AirPods Pro is not affected and will not be replaced.

A replacement program for faulty AirPods Pro

Cupertino is launching a new replacement program for AirPods Pro users having certain issues.

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The AirPods Pro service program for sound issues provides replacement headphones for certain devices produced before October 2020. Apple specifies that eligible devices have « crackling or static noises that increase in intensity in a noisy environment, during training or during a phone call », or a « incorrect operation of noise reduction technology, including causing bass sound to drop or background sounds to increase (for example, those produced by traffic or an airplane) ».Apple will replace the affected earphone (s) free of charge after examining them in the Apple Store, or through an authorized repairer. All you have to do is contact Apple Support to start the procedure..

AirPods Pro: Apple replaces defective headphones for free

Apple has just announced that it has put in place a program to replace AirPods Pro that have sound problems for free. According to Apple, this is only a limited number of devices that were manufactured before October 2020.

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Released last year, the AirPods Pro are very popular and they are among the best true wireless headphones currently available on the market. At the moment, their main rivals are the QuietComfort Earbuds from Bose, the Buds Z from OnePlus or even the Elite 85t from Jabra. A few AirPods Pro users noticed sound problems. Apple therefore announced “the AirPods Pro service program”. According to the Cupertino company, the number of Airpods Pro affected by this type of problem is limited. In addition, only wireless headphones that have been manufactured before October 2020 are impacted. If you have a very recent model then there is nothing to worry about.

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Faulty AirPods Pro make crackling or static noises

Unlucky users who own faulty AirPods Pro are going to have the opportunity to replace them for free thanks to the new service implemented by Apple. Moreover, only the earpiece affected by a sound problem may be eligible for replacement. For example, if the right earbud is working fine, but the left one has malfunction, Apple will only replace the left AirPod Pro. It should also be noted that charging box is not supported by this program.

In the support section of the official site, Apple has detailed the sound issues that you can potentially experience. You can hear crackling or static noises. Their intensity is likely to increase when you answer a phone call, are in the middle of sports training, or the environment in which you find yourself is noisy. In addition, you may also notice that active noise reduction is not working properly. According to Apple, it could be “a decrease in bass sound or an increase in background sounds.” If your AirPods Pro have one or more of the symptoms listed above, you can start the replacement process at an Apple Authorized Service Center, Apple Store, or by contacting Apple Support.

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Apple’s AirPods Pro have been offering since September better audio quality thanks to the spatialization of sound provided by firmware 3A283. In addition, a very useful software feature has been introduced with this same firmware. It’s about automatic switching. This allows you to switch between devices without having to manually disconnect and reconnect your AirPods Pro.

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