[GUIDE] : All the rarest character skins in Apex Legends and how to get them Part one.

Apex Legends offers a variety of skins for players of all tastes. In fact, each Legend included in the game’s launch has over 40 skins.

Some skins are rarer than others because they belong to the legendary category, which is the highest level of rarity. The majority of Legendary skins can be purchased with Crafting Metals, but certain different colors of these skins are only available for a few days in the store in exchange for Legendary Tokens.

[GUIDE] : All the rarest character skins in Apex Legends and how to get them Part one

These skins are the rarest in the game. Players must wait for rotations to purchase any skin of their choice from the store, sometimes up to several months, and they must own the original Legendary skin.

The other category of very rare skins are the exclusive ones. They are only available for a specific event, which recurs annually, or in a business transaction. Here is the list of those skins, starting with the more expensive chroma skins that can only be purchased in the store for a few days, until the next rotation.

[GUIDE] : All the rarest character skins in Apex Legends and how to get them Part one

Since they cost 10,500 Legend tokens and require having the original Legendary skins, players cannot purchase many, which makes them even more valuable.

Wraith – The Airship Assassin

The Airship Assassin is one of the most famous legendary skins in Apex Legends for one of the most popular legends in the game. It was released during the game’s release month, when players were primarily using their Legend tokens for buy characters, and rarely return to the store. But when it does, the community talks a lot about it.

[GUIDE] : All the rarest character skins in Apex Legends and how to get them Part one

It is similar to the Void Assassin skin, which can be crafted for 1200 points like other non-exclusive Legendary skins, but in gold and black colors. It is also mandatory to have the Void Assassin skin to get it when it appears in the store and it can be purchased with 6,500 Legend Tokens. It’s more popular because many players like its look, and it’s stronger when it comes to strategy, as opposed to brightly colored skins that don’t match cards.

Wraith –Flashpoint

The Flashpoint skin isn’t the most popular for Wraith, but it’s one of the rarest. It costs 10,500 Legend Tokens when available in the store and requires owning the Vengeance Seeker skin.

[GUIDE] : All the rarest character skins in Apex Legends and how to get them Part one

Lifeline –Bling

This is the orange and gray variation of the Peak Performer Legendary skin. It can be purchased in the store, when available, for 10,500 Legend Tokens and if players have the original skin.

Octane – Red offset

The Legendary skin, only available in the store for 10,200 Legend Tokens, is a variation of El Diablo. It is one of the most popular legendary skins in Apex Legends.

Octane – Extreme measures

This is another rare and expensive Octane skin. It costs 10,500 Legend tokens and the player must own the victory round.

[GUIDE] : All the rarest character skins in Apex Legends and how to get them Part one

Octane – Excess Acceleration

Surplus Acceleration is the variation of the other Legendary Speed ​​Demon skin. It also costs 10,500 Legend tokens.

Octane –Holeshot Hotshot

Similar to Extreme Measures, Holeshot Hotshot requires the purchase of the Gold Rush skin, as well as 10,500 Legend Tokens.

Pathfinder –Bot d’or

The popular skin, which makes Pathfinder look like the C-3PO from Star Wars, requires the player to own Quicksilver and costs 10,500 Legend tokens.

[GUIDE] : All the rarest character skins in Apex Legends and how to get them Part one

Pathfinder – Green Machine

It costs 10,500 Legend tokens in the store and the player must have the Legendary Aviator skin.

Bloodhound – Shadow of Raven

The Legendary skin is an orange variant of The Plague Doctor and can be purchased for 10,500 Legend tokens.

Bloodhound – Great Winter

The Legendary skin is a variant of the Imperial Warrior and can be purchased by owning the mentioned skin and spending 10,500 Legend tokens.

Bangalore – Full Metal Jacket

The Legendary skin can be purchased by owning its original version, The Spacewalker, and spending 10,500 Legend tokens.

[GUIDE] : All the rarest character skins in Apex Legends and how to get them Part one

Bangalore –Killer B

The Legendary skin can be purchased if the player has Apex Overdrive and spends 10,500 Legend tokens.

Caustic – The Trophy Hunter

Players must have the original Blackheart skin and 10,500 Legend Tokens while in the store.

Caustic –Dark Cloud

The Dark Cloud Legendary skin also costs 10,500 Legend tokens while in the store and requires the player to have the Divine Right skin.

[GUIDE] : All the rarest character skins in Apex Legends and how to get them Part one

Caustic – Waste management

This Legendary skin can be purchased, like all others, for 10,500 Legend tokens in the store. Players must first unlock the Philosopher’s Stone skin.

Mirage – Stage Center

To get this Legendary skin, you must have Angel City Hustler and 10,500 Legend Tokens.

Mirage – Popular Hero

Players who have unlocked The Revenger can purchase this skin for 10,500 Legend Tokens when they enter the store.

Mirage –Lucky Charmer

Lucky Charmer is a skin of a level 2 rarity only, but it is unique to an operation with Twitch Prime. Amazon service users won the skin in March 2020, to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, and it’s unclear if it will be available in the store later.

Wattson – Current Champion

Wattson also has several very rare skins. The current champion is one of them, purchasable for 10,500 Legend tokens. Players must unlock Ace of Sparks before purchasing it.

Wattson –Bionic Wonder

The Bionic Wonder skin can be purchased from the store when available and costs 10,500 Legend Tokens. The player must first unlock the Cyber ​​Security skin.

Crypto – Totemic Power

This blue and orange variation of The Masked Dancer can be purchased for 10,500 Legend Tokens while in the store.

Gibraltar and Revenant are the only Legends that do not have Legendary Chroma Skins purchasable for 10,500 Legend Tokens. Gibraltar has several that cost only 6,500 tokens and Revenant, released in early 2020, does not.

[GUIDE] : All the rarest character skins in Apex Legends and how to get them Part one


Apex Legends was released in February 2019 as Respawn Entertainment’s response to the rapidly expanding genre of battle royale.

He quickly made a name for himself, carving out a space alongside other industry giants like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite. Several years after its launch, Apex Legends continues to hold a place in the battle royale game world, mostly thanks to its fast-paced vertical gameplay, weapon selection, and character designs. An important part of these character designs? The game’s many interchangeable skins.

Apex Legends skins aren’t always groundbreaking, but they add something new and special to player-favorite characters. Sometimes they take the form of an interesting new design. Other times, they’re replaced with exciting new color palettes, adding a bit of variety to existing skins.

Skins move in and out of the Apex Item Shop on a regular basis, meaning some options have limited availability or disappear for extended periods of time before being reintroduced during special events. Over time, this has led to some skins being hard to get and rare to see in-game. Here’s a look at some of the rarest skins in Apex Legends.

[GUIDE] : All the rarest character skins in Apex Legends and how to get them Part one

Dark Artist (Mirage)

Mirage’s “Dark Artist” is a legendary exclusive skin that taunts newcomers to Apex Legends for its lack of availability. It’s a sleek, black and orange number that faded from the lineup just a month after the game’s initial release, meaning the only players sporting this skin are those who started the game early and invested enough. time and tokens in Mirage to get it.

“Dark Artist” may just be a simple re-coloring of Mirage’s “Ghost Machine” skin, but that doesn’t stop fans from calling for its return. It was a hit when it was released and remains popular enough that players still hope to see it return to the store after an absence of several years.

While not the rarest Mirage skin on the list, it is one of the more popular unavailable options. Whether or not it will be re-released remains to be seen – the recolors aren’t as likely to return to the lineup, so the outlook isn’t very bright.

Full Metal Jacket (Bangalore)

Bangalore has no shortage of awesome skins. The gorgeous design of “La Catrina” and the sleek, formal look of “Viceroy” have captured the hearts of fans, but nothing quite comes close to the badass look of “Full Metal Jacket”. The skin replaces the usual bright colors and combat skirts of Bangalore with a sleek set of black and gold armor, adding a few pops of blue and a practical blue visor for a pop of color that lets the legendary personality shine through.

Fans love this look and continue to rate it as one of Bangalore’s best skins, but you’ll rarely see it in-game for a number of reasons. First, it’s currently unavailable – it briefly returned to the Apex Item Shop in October 2020, but quickly slipped through gamers’ fingers. But even if it were available, its unlock cost is quite high: 10,500 Legend Tokens, in addition to the existing Bangalore skin, “The Spacewalker”.

Bionic Wonder (Wattson)

Wattson’s “Bionic Wonder” skin is an interesting change of pace in terms of design. Most of her skins feature her in simple combinations, usually in dark or charcoal gray tones with a pop of color, with the exception of a few more vivid designs. But “Bionic Wonder” is a whole different story.

This legendary exclusive skin paints Wattson in a striking electric blue with an acid yellow jacket. Her maiden face is replaced by a white breastplate reminiscent of I, Robot, transforming her from the status of an electrical engineering genius to that of one of the machines she works on.

The skin received mixed reviews upon release. Some gamers liked Wattson’s original design and updated overall aesthetic, while others found the light, robotic design to be too garish. The skin hasn’t appeared in the Apex Items store since October 2019, which means even fans of the skin who want to collect it have limited access to it.