[GUIDE] : Apple Pay: How does it work? Part two

In France, it is the most popular service of its kind: it is used by 41% of smartphone payment enthusiasts, ahead of Google Pay (35%) and Paylib (28%) (1). This is significantly more than Apple’s market share in France on the mobile device market, which is around 25% (2).

The best-known and most widely used feature of Apple Pay is contactless payment at checkouts in physical stores. But the service also makes it possible, at certain e-merchants, to pay for purchases online. In the United States, Apple Pay Cash also allows you to send money to loved ones through iPhone messaging.

What devices can I use Apple Pay with?
Apple Pay is a service exclusively reserved for owners of devices produced by Apple and using the iOS system. If your phone is running Android, you will need to fall back on other platforms, such as Google Pay or Paylib.

Launched at the same time as the iPhone 6, Apple Pay is compatible with all iPhones released since 2014:

iPhones 6 et 6+
iPhones 7 et 7+
iPhones 8 et 8+
iPhone X
iPhone XS et XS Max
iPhone XR
iPhone 11 et 11 Pro
iPhone 12 et 12 Pro
iPhone SE, 1st and 2nd generation
Apple Pay can also be used with:

all models of Apple Watch, the connected watch from Apple, to pay in stores and in compatible applications, as well as on certain public transport networks;
all models of iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad and iPad mini equipped with a Touch ID or Face ID biometric sensor, to pay in applications or on the web;
all Mac models equipped with Touch ID, for paying in apps or on the web.
On these devices, Apple Pay is natively accessible, thanks to the pre-installed Wallet application. It is therefore not necessary to install another application, not even that of your bank, to be able to start paying.

Is my credit card compatible with Apple Pay?
To be able to use Apple Pay, it must be associated with one or more compatible bank cards. It is therefore necessary that your bank has made an agreement with Apple: the latter in fact charges a commission for each payment you make with the service. It is likely that this is the case: 9 out of 10 cards currently in circulation in France are compatible.

Here is the list of the main brands compatible with Apple Pay (the complete list is available on the Apple website).

Traditional banks
Bank C **** o Crédit Coopératif
Banque Populaire Credit du Nord
BNP Paribas Credit Mutuel
HSBC Savings Bank
Carrefour Banque La Banque Postale
Credit Agricole Societe Generale
Online banking
BforBank Hello Bank
Boursorama ING Bank
Aumax for me Monese
Bunq N26
Orange Bank Card
Lydia Qonto
Ma French Bank Revolut
manager.one Vybe
Note that some cards with restaurant vouchers can also be imported into Apple Pay: Apetiz, Ticket Restaurant, Swile, UpDéjeuner.

Please note: to create an account on Apple, you must be at least 15 years old. Customers of Kard or Vybe children’s banks under the age of 15 will therefore not be able to use Apple Pay.

How does Apple Pay work?
This is one of the strengths of Apple Pay: its use is extremely simple (and free).

To import your card into Apple Pay

Open the “Wallet” application installed by default on your iPhone;
Click on the “+” sign at the top right of the screen;
Place your bank card under the camera. This allows him to scan the information on the front: unique number, validity date;
Manually complete the 3-digit security code on the back;
Authenticate yourself: the procedure depends on your bank, but it often involves sending a one-time code by SMS.
It’s ready !
If you have imported several cards into Apple Pay, you can choose which one to use by default, in the “Settings” application of your iPhone, under “Wallet and Apple Pay”.

To pay with your iPhone in store

Check with the merchant that their payment terminal is equipped for contactless;
If your iPhone works with Touch ID, bring the top of the cell phone to the payment terminal, keeping your finger on the sensor, until a check mark and the word OK appear on the screen.
If it works with Face ID, double click on the side button, look at your iPhone to authenticate yourself and bring the top of the mobile to the payment terminal, until a check mark and the word OK appear on the screen
If you have imported several cards and you want to pay with another one than the one chosen by default, select the card of your choice before paying, by double-clicking on the Home button (Touch ID) or on the side button (Face ID ).
To pay with your Apple Watch in stores

Double click on the side button of the watch;
Bring the watch close to the payment terminal, until you feel a slight vibration.
Can I pay abroad with Apple Pay?
If the bank card that you added to your iPhone’s Wallet allows you to make purchases abroad, that is to say if it displays the Visa or Mastercard logo, payments outside French borders with Apple Pay will also be possible. There is one exception: Crédit Agricole, which does not rely on Visa and Mastercard to offer the service to its customers, but on CB, a payment network only present in France.

Another condition to be met for Apple Pay to work: you have to travel to a country where the service of the firm at the apple has been deployed. This is the case in most countries in Europe, as well as in the United States, Canada, Brazil, Australia, China, Japan, etc.

Finally, be careful: choosing Apple Pay to pay does not exempt you from paying any fees charged by your bank for purchases made in foreign currencies.

Is there a risk of fraud with Apple Pay?
Apart from its ease of use, the main advantage of Apple Pay is security. Indeed, the use of biometrics (the finger or the face depending on the models) to authenticate payments is a very robust process in the face of fraud, because it is almost impossible to circumvent. So even if your iPhone is lost or stolen, the perpetrator will not be able to make payments with Apple Pay. Apple Pay mobile payment, ultimately, is much more secure than cash, check or contactless bank card.

What is the payment limit with Apple Pay?
Its robustness in the face of fraud explains why the amounts that can be paid with Apple Pay are not capped by default, unlike the contactless bank card which cannot exceed 50 euros.

Be careful, however: there is a limit to the cumulative payments that you can make with your bank card, often over 30 rolling days. This payment limit (the default level of which depends on your card range) also applies to purchases made with Apple Pay.

Apple Pay: how it works

Available since October 2014 in the United States, Apple Pay is finally available in France! The deployment of the contactless payment service is slow, undoubtedly too much in the eyes of Apple, which relies heavily on this function.

The objective is significant: to capture the largest possible share of the contactless mobile payment market. It represented $ 34 billion in 2015, and it is expected to rise to $ 95 billion in 2018, according to projections by Juniper Research.

[GUIDE] :  Apple Pay: How does it work?  Part two

Despite the technical difficulties and the difficult negotiations with the banks, little by little Apple Pay is making its nest: first in the United States then in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, China, Singapore, Switzerland there two weeks old… Now it’s our turn to take advantage of it!

To help you find your way, here are some answers to the most common questions you might have about Apple Pay.

Apple Pay, what is it?

Apple Pay is a contactless payment service that allows you to pay for purchases at the checkout on NFC payment terminals (TPE) or through compatible apps or even on websites that display the Apple Pay logo. The idea is to make life easier for consumers who will no longer have to juggle their bank cards.

It is particularly useful in countries where consumers multiply credit cards like in the United States, less doubtless in France where one is often satisfied with its good old blue card. However, should we remain on the side of progress? Obviously not ?

What devices are Apple Pay compatible?

Apple Pay is compatible with iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, but not all models:

[GUIDE] :  Apple Pay: How does it work?  Part two

Who are the partner banks?

Apple has succeeded in enlisting the banks of the BPCE group, namely the Banque Populaire and the Caisse d’Épargne, as well as Carrefour Banque. Customers of these establishments can integrate their Visa (BPCE) and MasterCard (Carrefour Banque) cards into the Wallet app.

Banque Populaire specifies that Visa Electron cards will be compatible from October 31 and that Créodis and Visa Business cards are not supported. Same thing at the Caisse d’Epargne pour les Electron, for Visa Business it will be “at a later date”.

If your bank is not compatible with Apple Pay, you can always use another payment method. The Orange Cash application is therefore compatible: after having credited your account (via an online transfer, for example), you can pay for your purchases using the Apple service.

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