An assassin is nothing without his arsenal of weapons, whether it’s a hidden blade or a trusty ax.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s weapon system works a little differently from previous games in the series, but this is where you can get your hands on some of medieval England’s best weapons.

This time around, instead of two independent weapon slots you can switch between, you can equip each of your character’s hands individually. This means you can either wiggle behind a large shield or launch into a Viking Berserker and Flail with a weapon in each hand.

[GUIDE] :  Assassin's Creed Valhalla |  What are the Best Weapons for Beginning, Mid and Late Game Part One

Or, if you’re feeling more tactical, you can forgo the explicitly offensive or defensive routes and go for a two-handed weapon. These long-range weaponry tend to be slow, yet powerful – perfect for the massive melees that erupt during castle sieges in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

However, while there are plenty of powerful weapons to sniff around in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, for most of the early and mid-game you have relatively few options to choose from until you can make your way through. in the main open world.

First, we’re going to go over some fun options to look for at the start and middle of the game, and warn about a few that don’t feel as good, so you can get your Viking invasion off the ground. .

Finally, we’ll list the best legendary weapons we’ve found so far in our looting of England. The strongest and most powerful weapons you’ll want to keep and upgrade until the end of the game.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – Best Weapons For The Beginning Of The Game

Unlike Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, you’ll be holding onto your favorite early-game weapons for a while.

In Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, the loot and leveling systems have been completely redesigned. So instead of constantly switching between loot when you find it, now you need to go specifically to the world in search of wealth.

Some of that wealth will turn out to be useful new weapons, which you can try out and upgrade if you wish.

Here are some of our favorite weapons we found:

Your father’s weapon – Varin’s ax – while given to you as a base weapon in the game’s main story, is actually a perfectly decent weapon to fight your way through early in the game.

You upgrade it as part of the in-game tutorial, so it’s already more powerful than a lot of things you pick up, and its one-handed weight means you can wield it with a useful shield or a handgun.

Speaking of freehand weapons, I really enjoyed using the Iron Starbane in Eivor’s left hand. If you have your parry timing on point then you are not leaving yourself open defensively.

[GUIDE] :  Assassin's Creed Valhalla |  What are the Best Weapons for Beginning, Mid and Late Game Part One

But the best part is, if you’re holding L1, then Eivor absolutely puts the curse around their head – hitting something unlucky enough to get caught in the way.

You can find the Iron- Play as one of the icons of wealth in Kjotve Fortress that you visit as part of the main story.

[GUIDE] :  Assassin's Creed Valhalla |  What are the Best Weapons for Beginning, Mid and Late Game Part One

A quick way to get your hands on a higher level light bow is to visit the Ubisoft CONNECT store from the main and pause menus. This is not the Animus microtransaction store, but an exclusive Ubisoft service where you earn coins to unlock trophies in their games.

For 100 coins you can buy an Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Spartan bow, which is pretty good.

[GUIDE] :  Assassin's Creed Valhalla |  What are the Best Weapons for Beginning, Mid and Late Game Part One

In general, I have found two-handed weapons like Dane’s Ax to be very clunky at the best of times and almost useless in boss fights. However, I really like the Fafnir’s Fang spear that you get as a reward for defeating the lost Drengr, Erik Loyalskull.

What it lacks in utility at close range, it makes up for range and damage. Many enemies don’t seem to be really capable of getting hit by a spear. The R2 attack can hit multiple enemies to control the crowd, while the Hold L1 attack performs a quick hit followed by a jump back, which is great for zoning.

You can find it in the cave north of Fornburg.

Then, once you arrive in England, you can purchase new weapons from the Ravensthorpe store. Of these, I particularly like the two-handed swordfish.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – Legendary Weapon Locations

We can get a glimpse of some awesome legendary weapons in the in-game Helix store.

In Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, status-inflicting weapons were particularly powerful, and we know of two that cause enemies to poison.

  • Sad cry

[GUIDE] :  Assassin's Creed Valhalla |  What are the Best Weapons for Beginning, Mid and Late Game Part One

This legendary hammer fuels your critical hits, imbuing the weapon with poison whenever you crit. When this happens, consecutive hits or attacks on new enemies will cause poison buildup that will eventually deplete their health.

  • Hag’s Bite

The Hag Bite is more direct, when you take down an enemy, with a skill or in combat, a hard hit with this plague will poison them instantly. This allows you to move to a new target while the weakened enemy is finished with status.

To avoid spoilers when the game is released, we’ll be adding more Legendary weapon slots later in the game soon.


[GUIDE] :  Assassin's Creed Valhalla |  What are the Best Weapons for Beginning, Mid and Late Game Part One

Our guide to the best weapons in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla will walk you through details of the best weapons currently available in AC Valhalla, including stats and weapon perks.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla-The Best Weapons List

Besides the “hidden blade,” there are many weapons players have access to in AC Valhalla, including swords, spears, and axes.

You will get some of these weapons by looting enemies or locations, others by completing quests, others inside chests, others by purchasing, and others can be crafted by a blacksmith.

Below you’ll find a detailed list of some of the best weapons we’ve come across in AC Valhalla. So let’s get started!

Varin’s ax

Varin’s Ax is the first weapon you’ll get in AC Valhalla. So you could take it for granted and switch to another weapon.

But the truth is, if you stick to it, it will guide you through the first part of the game.

As you’ll notice later, as you level up Varin’s ax, it becomes so powerful that it even rivals mid-to-late game weapons.

Since changing and upgrading weapons isn’t very easy in AC Valhalla due to the scarcity of materials needed to upgrade them, your best bet is to use Varin’s ax and upgrade it to until you are in the second phase of the game.

Coupled with the sarcophagus shield, Varin’s ax can prove extremely useful; Not only will you be able to get 10 times faster after you land a hit, but you will also be able to block all attacks while staying at your improved speed.

Yngling Seax

If you are someone with an aggressive mindset who likes to launch an offense, then this close range dagger is for you.

Yngling Seax gives you some pretty impressive mobility that you can use for quick attacks and deal good damage.

With the movement that Yngling Seax brings, you will have no problem dodging attacks from enemies, but if you want to change your dodge ability, definitely consider using the Brush with Death (Raven) skill.

When it comes to pairing this weapon, we recommend pairing it with either a Suttungr claw or a Kopis dagger.

Not only will your speed be further improved, but also your critical damage will increase (for Suttungr’s Claw) or some of your HP will be restored after each critical hit (for Kopis).

Sarcophagus shield

Sarcophagus Shield is one of the best shields in the AC Valhalla iteration.

With excellent attack, block, and stun stats, your enemies can only hope to hit you with that sturdy shield in between.

More importantly, when you go against an enemy attack with this shield, there will be a 33% chance of a fire starting around you.

This fire will engulf any enemy that tries to attack you from melee range.

Plank shield and shield

Much like Sarcophagus Shield, Plank and Buckler Shield excel at attack, block, and stun stats.

Thanks to the advantage offered by this shield, the important damage during the parry increases.

This means that when used with a very damaging weapon like the Blacksmith’s Hammer, the resulting combo can be really destructive.

Blacksmith hammer

Speaking of the Blacksmith’s Hammer, with its impressive attack and stun stats, it can really shake the ranks of your enemies.

As mentioned above, pairing it with the Plank and Buckler Shield can make it even more destructive.

On top of that, if you use the Stomp skill with it, you will have the chance to beat anyone in a battle.

Sepulcher Ax

While tall and heavy, what makes this two-handed ax so special are its stellar stun and critical chance stats.

With this weapon perk, every time you critically hit your weapon ignites with fire, and the fact that this perk has a cooldown of only 10 makes it even more useful.