Blodwulf Shield

The Blodwulf Shield is one of the shields you acquire at the start of the game.

Not only is this shield extremely light, it also has a perk that triggers your weapon when parrying.

When paired with a weapon like Varin’s Ax, the resulting combination will be a real treat for you.

Rotating Death Bane

Spinning-Death Flail is one of the most stylish weapons in AC Valhalla.

With its low weight, large AoE, and exceptional mobility, you can certainly rush through your enemies, damage them, and return unscathed.

Additionally, the Spinning-Death Flail perk allows you to have a chance to drop a firebomb upon successful execution of Heavy Finisher Hits, making your enemies’ lives even more miserable.

Fafnir’s Fang

This weapon is a spear that you will acquire at the start of the game and it might come as a surprise, but when paired with another spear like Fyrd Spear, the combo is a complete set.

With a spear in each of your fists, you’ll be able to deal damage to your enemies from a distance while making sure they’re unable to hit you.

In addition to that, when you are surrounded by 3 or more enemies, the critical chance will be greater.

So when there are enemies all around you, instead of panicking, fight with more enthusiasm!

Arc de Petra

Petra’s bow is basically a bow and what makes it so special is its perk which increases critical damage when your health is full.

This means that if you work hard to sneak around enemy encampments and catch them by surprise, you will definitely get your reward.

Also, if your aim is good and precise, we recommend that you use the Wolf skill and manually control the arrows.

You don’t have to worry about replacing your weapon with this bow because you are carrying a bow all the time.

Gungnir – Lance d’Odin

Gungnir is another of AC Valhalla’s spears and his long range and large beam area make him possibly the best.

The second weapon you choose with Odin’s Lance will make your build offensive or defensive and it’s all up to you.

One thing is certain, however, is that the resulting construction will be something to consider.

You will be able to get this weapon towards the very end of the game, which spoils most of the fun it has to offer.

Best weapon – Excalibur

Excalibur is an extremely powerful sword that is well known to Assassin’s Creed fans.

Not only does this sword have exceptional attack, stun, and critical chance stats, but its perk allows you to completely annihilate your enemies by blinding them with heavy finishers and critical hits.

Similar to Odin’s spear; Unfortunately, you will be able to get your hands on this sword towards the end of the game, and you will need to collect 8 tablets and kill 3 Zealots to do so.


Assassin’s Creed Valhallais a game that takes guts. After having offered to discover 9 secrets of the game, having told you about the Ubisoft studio who encountered some problems with the description of one of his characters, and having mentioned 3 skills that will make you really appreciate this game, this time we invite you to come back to 6 Perfectly Must-Have Valhalla Weapons. Sharpen your arrows and sharpen your blades, we get started without further delay!


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We start by presenting you with a really satisfying arc type. The Arch of Petra (which is a predatory bow special) is obtained at the end of Legendary animals. The Arch of Petra stands out because it increases your critical damage when you are in good health. You can stay stealthy by eliminating your enemies before the alarm goes off, and deal with headshots very powerful (you can indeed realize incredible feats of precision), while staying far enough away so that your health stays on top.


[GUIDE] :  Assassin's Creed Valhalla |  What are the Best Weapons for the Beginning, Middle and End of the Game Part Two

Always check benefits of each of his shields in Valhalla. The Ursine Guard Shield (part of Berserker equipment pack), for example, will increase your attack after receiving a hit. It is simply the ideal shield to get up after wiping some nasty gestures from your opponents. On guard, my goat!


[GUIDE] :  Assassin's Creed Valhalla |  What are the Best Weapons for the Beginning, Middle and End of the Game Part Two

The Sepulcher Two-Handed Ax has the following ability: after a critical hit, you will have the privilege use the Fire element during a 5 seconds duration, with a 10 second cooldown. You can get your hands on it as you advance through the main campaign, more specifically during the main mission ”Tip the scales”From the narrative arc“The saga of the kingmaker“. This very particular ax is in the crypt where you will get your hands on Burgred. Make sure to open well all chests in the area ! You will thus leave this place being able to fly your enemies at once, with a good family sweep.


[GUIDE] :  Assassin's Creed Valhalla |  What are the Best Weapons for the Beginning, Middle and End of the Game Part Two

Before setting out to conquer of the great sword of legend, you need to get the 11 treasures of Brittany. Eight of these tablets are to be recovered in various places, while the last three will be transported by Zealots, formidable enemies working for the Order of the Ancients, the enemies of those whom we do not see. Once obtained, Excalibur has the ability to blind enemies around you, making it quite simply one of the best weapons in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: 10 best weapons, ranked

There are some great weapons in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, but you should only keep an eye out for the best ones, as they will allow Eivor to end the most effectively.

Weapons are an integral part of any Assassin’s Creed game and Valhalla is no different. The right melee or ranged weapon could take your gameplay from below par to better than the pros. Not all are created equal and every player should aim for the best weapons to have in the game.

This list ranks melee and ranged weapons based on their ease of use, damage rates, and overall performance. Read on to find out which weapons you should use in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla!

Ten Carolingian Pike

The Carolingian Pike is free if you link your Amazon Prime account to your Ubisoft account, and well worth it. It’s not the best weapon in the game, but it’s free and has a fast attack speed. The only downside is the low damage and stun rate, and the weight is pretty average. However, it is still a great weapon to use if you are using spears as a fighting style.

9 Yngling Seax

The Yngling Seax is a good dagger, and it’s a great primary or secondary weapon due to its insane speed. It may only deal 30 damage per hit, but it does a lot of damage pretty quickly, and its low weight helps as well. If you do decide to use it as your primary weapon, a tip is to make it even better by using runes that reduce the weapon’s weight, which can result in more dodging and increased melee damage.

8 Blodwulf Shield

This is a lightweight shield, and it may not deal as much damage as the previous two weapons, but it does have one advantage that makes it desirable. Parrying an opponent with this shield gives your weapon a chance to catch fire. This can increase damage as you now have a hot flame to aid you in battle, and the low weight doesn’t make it a burden in battle.

7 Grave Ax

The Sepulcher Ax is decent with better than average attack even though it’s burdened with slow speed. It’s another weapon that ignites, but it requires you to critically hit to gain this advantage.

Many players are excited to see how good it is to use this duplicate weapon, which is one of the skills that can be learned and helps you create an overpowered character. It’s not the best weapon you can have in your arsenal, but it’s far from the worst, especially if you like to use this guy in battle.

6 Sarcophagus Shield

The Sarcophagus Shield is quite heavy compared to other weapons, but this can be fixed by using runes to reduce its weight, as well as the weight of your armor. The attack of this is insane, and the block is even better, not to mention the cool appearance of this shield as a whole. He also has a unique perk that gives you a chance to have a Ring of Fire around you when parrying a hit.

5 Sad cry

The Mournful Cry is a hammer that can only be acquired by purchasing it from Reda’s Shop, so you won’t have to search multiple places, but it doesn’t come cheap. However, it is totally worth the Opal as it is fast and does quite a bit of damage. The perk is what makes it so special as it will add poison to the hammer for a limited time, making it even more deadly to your enemies.

4 Scourge of Spinning Death

The Rotating Death Bane is as fun as it sounds, which is one of the main reasons it’s been ranked so high on this list. It’s easy to stun your enemies, and the attack damage it does is some of the best of any weapon.

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If you are a fire fan this is what you should use as a Heavy Finisher Hit gives you a chance to drop a firebomb on any enemies that remain. The only problem with this weapon is that it’s hard to control, and it’s not uncommon for Eivor to get out of sync for killing too many civilians.

3 Petra Arch

The Bow of Petra is the only bow on this list as it’s the only bow you’ll ever need, especially when completing multiple side quests. It’s a predator bow, which some say is the best of the three types you can choose from in the game. Attack damage almost guarantees a kill every time, although the speed is a bit low. slow. It also increases critical damage at full health, making it the perfect thing for any stealth master.

2 Varin’s Ax

Varin’s ax belonged to Eivor’s father, but nostalgia for it isn’t the reason it’s so high in this ranking. The attack damage is amazing and the speed is envied by the other weapons on this list, not to mention they are collected early in the game. This is one of the best things about the game because it only does grow faster than you strike, which makes Eivor a feared opponent in battle.

[GUIDE] :  Assassin's Creed Valhalla |  What are the Best Weapons for the Beginning, Middle and End of the Game Part Two