[GUIDE] : Call of Duty Modern Warfare: Everything You Need To Know Before Getting Into Multiplayer Part Three

As it is possible to see in the video, several maps of the multiplayer mode are visible and they will present various environments. This time around, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will host 40 player (20v20) opposing fights. However, it will also be possible to participate in more classic game modes offering 10v10, 6v6 or 2v2.

This is not all, because the development teams do not seem to have yet revealed everything concerning the game modes. Indeed, in the press release distributed by Activision, it is noted that a game mode can accommodate more than 100 players and will be called Terrestrial War. A new Battle Royale or a full-scale clash? We will find out very soon.

Lots of changes

Then, several influencers invited especially for the event, clashed for a few minutes. The first impressions clearly show that the license takes a whole new turn and decides to make the experience much more realistic than the last episodes to date. There is no longer any question of running in all directions by chaining jumps and wallruns. Here, the fighting will be much more down to earth.

Indeed, one of the biggest changes comes directly from ATH with the total absence of mini-maps. This choice clearly divides players, although it is possible to spawn the radar using the reconnaissance drone. We will notice in particular that our way of getting around will also be different. It will be possible to sprint much faster, however, your weapon will be raised during your run thus offering a short moment of vulnerability to your opponents.

In addition, it will also be possible to wedge your weapon along a wall for better stability or even open a door halfway in order to send a grenade before entering. As much to tell you right away, that even the regulars will need a few hours of play to find their mark.

As a reminder, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is scheduled for the October 25 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. It is already possible to pre-order your collector’s edition at this address.

Call of Duty: Warzone / Modern Warfare – Everything you need to know

As the Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War teasing continues with it, most recently the announcement that there will be a zombie mode trailer on September 30; Modern Warfare and Warzone have just been updated with the arrival of Season 6. It’s time to look to the future and see what lies ahead. All information on the 6th season below.

For those who are not yet in the know, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Warzone Season 6 starts today * i. As usual, players were surprised to see, once again, a rather large download, namely: 19.3GB on PlayStation 4, 22.66GB on Xbox One and 57GB on PC via a new update. For those who also wish to enjoy the multiplayer mode, an additional download will be necessary, weighing depending on the pack, 6GB or 8GB. Of course, many wonder about the content and the novelties distilled in this new season.

This update will be the last in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and the last update made by Infinity War regarding Warzone, before Treyarch takes up the torch. While Warzone gets a new fast travel system that adds a new strategic layer to survival in Verdansk, namely the opening of the metro. Modern Warfare has four new multiplayer maps for the different game modes. Naturally, this new content is supported by new game modes for multiplayer and Warzone, as well as a Battle Pass system.

Here’s a look at some of the new modes, maps, and other features players can expect to see this season:

Contents of Warzone

Changes on the map

The opening of the metro allows operators to benefit from a new rapid travel system combining both existing points of interest and new stations for high-risk confrontations with high rewards. At each of the city’s open metro stations, squads can move underground via stairs to find potential objects up to that station’s train. Once there, the squads can board the metro, which will take them to the next station in seconds. Despite its “retro” interior, this metro system boasts incredible safety standards, it will not travel to a station outside the safe zone, nor move an inch if there is a conflict on board, making these new locations a great place for ambushes.

Modes, weapon changes and other updates

Armored Royal : This fast-paced, high-action variant of the Battle Royale mode gives each squad an armored cargo truck, complete with a turret and plenty of armor. Squad members can respawn at will as long as their truck remains in one piece, but once the squad vehicle disappears, their ability to return to combat also wears off with it. The last team standing wins, no matter if their truck is brand new or in parts.

Weapon rotation: Verdansk received a new shipment of weapons which is now scattered throughout the city, both on the ground and in the supply boxes. A combination of familiar weapons as well as new blueprints will be part of this weapon rotation comprising: 6 Common Variants, 10 Uncommon, 13 Rare, 18 Epic, and 24 Legendary.

Modern Warfare Content

Four multiplayer maps free

Station (Gunfight) : A picturesque rural train station in Kastovia serves as the backdrop to the Last Gunfight Arena. Players have the ability to climb onto the roofs of all available trains, giving the advantage of verticality at the cost of being exposed from all sides. This map also reserves you jump points and tactical angles that can help you crush the opposition.

Broadcast (6v6) : Having been entitled to its cameo in Verdansk in the BCH TV station area, this great multiplayer map introduced in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare now has its prime time spot in season six. This card will delight players who like close combat as well as others, thanks to certain viable lines of sight allowing to play sniper or assault rifle.

Mialstor Tank Factory (6v6 et 10v10) : This map is designed for 6v6 and 10v10 play, changing its dimensions depending on the size of the lobby. Expect a mix of indoor and outdoor combat zones with two large buildings, the eponymous tank factory and a warehouse, being the focal point of the conflict. This map is suitable for all playstyles, but the roofs of buildings and the surrounding snowy streets give preference to long-range weapons.

Verdansk Riverside (Land War): For those who prefer full-scale combat, be prepared to visit this suburb that sits between the airport and the Verdansk military base. This area has a few modest two-story houses, cabins and garages, a ********, a school, a restaurant and a site under construction.

Free modes and missions

Killstreak Confirmed : This confirmed elimination variant features a new method of obtaining the various killstreaks, which now can only be obtained after picking up enemy plates. Note that our progress in killstreaks will not be lost if you die. The team that collects the necessary number of plaques will win the match despite the inevitable shower of killstreaks.

Gun Game TDM : As the name suggests, this mode combines Gun Game with Team Deathmatch. Pick your gear and assets, then prepare to use whatever is given to you to defeat the opposition. Each kill with a given weapon will take you through a predetermined list of weapons all the way to the combat knife, where doing a kill with it will reset the cycle. The first team to achieve the necessary number of kills will win the match.

HQ: Firefight : This game mode combines headquarters and team deathmatch mode where teams score points both by playing objectives and by killing. When a HQ is captured, respawns are disabled until the enemy team neutralizes it. Hold the objective and defend it from enemy players to maximize the score. The first team to achieve the necessary score will win the match.

Hardpoint: Hills and Kills : This game mode is similar to HQ: Firefight but with respawns enabled.

Nine Trials to Explore : Rank up during this season to earn Trial Tickets, or use those left over from previous seasons by converting them into XP by completing a new set of challenges.

Season 6 missions and challenges: Whether you’re playing multiplayer or warzone, the Challenges tab allows you to easily tailor your progress through the Battlepass ranks, whether you’re focusing on Daily, Weekly, or Mission challenges.

Contents of the Battle Pass

[GUIDE] : Call of Duty Modern Warfare: Everything You Need To Know Before Getting Into Multiplayer Part Three

Two free guns

The Battle Pass grants you two new weapons: the SP-R208 sniper (level 15) and the AS-VAL assault rifle (level 31) which all Modern Warfare and Warzone players can earn for free, just by playing In addition, players can earn additional content, including emblems, stickers, business cards, charms, vehicle skin, not to mention a number of free blueprints, like a light machine gun, a sniper rifle, sniper rifle and assault rifle blueprint. All of these rewards are spread across 20 levels of free content available just by playing.

Instant unlock

When purchasing the Battle Pass you will instantly unlock, a new Farah Operator, Minotaur Operator Skin and Mission, Epic “Golden Arm” Assault Rifle Blueprint, 10% xp boost for the duration of the season and a variety of skins.

Remember that Call of Duty: Warzone is a Battle Royale available for free-to-play on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. For the base game, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, available on the same platforms, is chargeable.