[GUIDE] : Call of Duty Modern Warfare: everything you need to know before you jump into Part one multiplayer

Who says new Call of Duty, says millions of games to come on the many multiplayer modes of this new title. For those who want to look good, Activision has shared some helpful tips.

For all Call of Duty fans, the title “Modern Warfare” inevitably evokes good memories. Initiated in 2007, the FPS title had marked the spirits by registering the license in the modern era. After several titles that have made players travel to the future or back in the middle of World War II, Activision has therefore chosen to reboot its famous series with Call of Duty Modern Warfare, which will be available from October 25 on PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. In addition to finding (in general terms) a story inspired by the first version, the multiplayer mode will of course be making a comeback.

Experience is the key

Fortunately for those who want to progress as we approach this new title, Activision has them in mind. And more particularly James Mattone, editor in chief of the famous American publisher, who wrote for the curious a list of the 10 essential tips to start well in this multiplayer. To fully immerse yourself in the game and the behavior of bots, it is first advisable to start with campaign mode or Special Ops mode. Whether in story mode or in multiplayer, it is also important to analyze the situation well. Depending on what happens, it will be very important to choose the right weapons and the strategy to adopt. Learn about your equipmentis to avoid unpleasant surprises once the game has started.

It will obviously take time, as far as those new to CoD are concerned, to become one of the top players, but one of the keys to success is not to panic, to keep your cool. Analyzing the battlefield rather than rushing in is generally a safer strategy. Moreover, it is very important to know the game and its different mechanics well and for that, one of the keys will be to get information directly from the game but also on guides.

The pleasure of playing above all

As a beginner, your skills and your inventory will necessarily be limited but it is by chaining the parts that you will be able to unlock more and more skins and weapons. What is important is that he don’t be afraid to try as many weapons as possible rather than settle for good old MP5. Especially since it is by playing with different weapons that you have more chances to unlock additional skills and weapons. By chaining the games, a player gradually discovers what are his affinities and his style of play and that is why a short visit to the Options menu is recommended to be able to adjust them and have a better feeling of the game.

If you are only playing in General Melee, this will not affect you but a lot of the multiplayer modes are based on teamwork and as in all teamwork, communication with others is essential. Finally, the last tip is perhaps the most important and Activision got it right: the important thing is to have fun and a loss should not prevent a player from stopping everything. Your turn now…

Call of Duty Modern Warfare: 22 things to know about multiplayer

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is coming, and we got to test it! There is a lot of information to absorb. Read on to find out what to expect in multiplayer when the game launches on October 25.

1. Cross-Play means you will be able to compete against players on PS4, PC and Xbox

During its discovery event, Infinity Ward confirmed that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare supports cross-play between console and PC players, a first for the series. How does the studio plan to balance the game between those who play the controller and those who play the keyboard and mouse? “First of all, we planned a pairing mode depending on the device being used,” explains Design Director Joe Cecot. “We also support multiple devices, so if you want to hook up a keyboard to your PS4, that’s totally possible. “

2. End of the Season Pass

Instead, a constant stream of downloadable maps and content will be available post-launch. “At the moment, all we can say is that content will be distributed on a regular basis,” Cecot said. “We have an aggressive post-launch schedule because we want people to play our game, not just when it is released. “

3. Weapon customization is complete

Most Call of Duty games allow you to switch between multiple weapon modifications. But Modern Warfare’s armory customization goes much further with 30 or 60 caliber barrels for most weapons. It’s so complete that we had to create a fully-fledged mode called “Gunsmith” (Armory).

4. Progression and gameplay are unified between the three main modes

The gear you unlock and equip in Multiplayer will also be available in Spec Ops and vice versa. You’ll also unlock gear for multiplayer through the single player experience, and weapons and mods will be consistent and unified across the three different modes.

5. Night vision goggles are a game changer…

In most games, night vision goggles provide green vision that reveals threats. But this is not the case in COD: MW. Equip night vision goggles on dark maps to turn the game into a different battleground where the usual rules don’t apply. On maps that support night vision goggles, players will be able to equip them by holding the down arrow on the directional pad.

6 … and laser sighting gets updated with 2019 sauce

Using a scope, you trigger the laser aim of your weapon. Be very careful if you are on a map compatible with night vision goggles, as your enemies will be able to find you harmlessly.

7. 2v2 pistol fights are excellent

This explosive and dynamic mode may well steal the show. It takes place on small maps. All four players will be equipped with the same randomly selected weapons to keep the fight balanced. The brawls are worthy of thriller movies and their pace is also reminiscent of fighting games.

8. There are three basic card sizes

“Flash Maps” are designed for 2v2 pistol combat while “Tactical Maps” can accommodate 6v6 or 10v10 events. Battle Cards) are reserved for larger scale matches: 20 vs. 20.

9. Multiplayer supports various styles of play

From team support to pistol or sniper rifle combat to camping, IW is looking to expand the number of viable playstyles in Modern Warfare. This is possible thanks to the great variety of equipment.

10. The crossing of the maps is even more fluid and varied

Even more so than with previous Call of Duty installments, COD: Modern Warfare offers players plenty of tactical options. This is reflected in the new map layouts which offer more possibilities for sneaking around or taking enemies by surprise. If the maps from previous Call of Duty were a race track, those from COD: Modern Warfare have more in common with roller coasters.

11. The operators are purely cosmetic

There are a selection of stylish operators to choose from for online matches, but the benefits are purely aesthetic.

12. The card designs are inspired by the classics of Deathmatch mode.

Infinity Ward took inspiration from genre classics like Quake to develop COD: Modern Warfare. There are more “positions of power”, towers and other raised areas, dotted around the maps. These give you a goal to achieve and offer more interesting and varied fights.

13. The game uses a new graphics engine

The game is beautiful and offers huge, ultra-realistic maps with eye-catching special effects, especially the smoke and fog that builds up after armed combat.

14. The realistic mode will be talked about

This new option hides almost all elements of the ATH, even the hit counter and casualty notifications. It’s not for everyone, but we tried it out on a night map with the night vision goggles on, and I can tell you it was intense, almost like in a horror survival game.

15. “Mounting” offers limited coverage to frontline players

When you’re near a street corner or ledge, you can press R3 to crouch and keep a low profile. When you get to a street corner, you can even use the right joystick to take a peek and pick new targets without taking too much risk.

16. Doors are more interesting than you think

I know… The doors. But Infinity Ward has spent an enormous amount of time improving these pedestrian portals. You can open them in various ways. By running or sliding, opening them carefully, blowing them up with explosives… Each way has a tactical advantage. They also give auditory cues and allow you to track the movements of your enemies on the map.

17. “Tactical Sprint” provides a short speed boost

Also known as a “super sprint,” this new maneuver allows you to move faster, but inflicts an additional delay before you can use a scope when encountering an enemy. Activate it by double clicking with L3. Be careful, your sprint gauge is not unlimited, even if bonuses allow you to improve it.

18. The audio design is exceptional

Thanks to new sophisticated audio processing techniques that are new to me (I nevertheless caught a reference to “raytracing”), Modern Warfare hits hard to deliver an immersive audio experience. The shots offer realistic reverberations, the Doppler effect is complete, and …

19. The kill streaks are back

Do I really have to elaborate?

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