20. Too many changes will slow down your scope.

Each weapon supports up to five mods, including weapon specific bonuses, so you might be tempted to upgrade your M4 and go for battle. Not So Fast: If you overload your weapon, its weight will slow down your scope or even your movement speed, so you could lose against sharper triggered opponents. Be smart and only equip yourself with the bare minimum!

21. The open beta is going to be huge

Really huge.

22. Yes, the hands really show the time

No kidding. We checked

Five things to know about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

The Modern Warfare series is getting a facelift on October 25, and we had the opportunity to test its multiplayer during a two-hour play session. So these are the five things that will change with this new opus.

2-on-2 and 20-on-20 modes

The multiplayer experience of the Call of Duty series will diversify with the arrival of two new game modes. It is obviously about the Gunfight mode – presented a few weeks ago – which arrives as the fun and dynamic guarantee of the game. title, but also another major novelty: the 20 against 20.

These two new ways of playing are available on specific maps (we are therefore not talking about variations of the traditional 6 against 6), and offer us two alternatives to the well-known modes of the franchise. Let’s start with the 2v2: this arises over short sessions, in which the first team to win a certain number of rounds wins the game. The action takes place on very small maps and the rounds follow one another at a very intense pace. No time to breathe, nor to camp, since if the round drags on a bit too long, a flag appears in the center of the map and the first team to collect it wins the round. The developers have also told us that a multitude of customization parameters will be possible in this game mode. In short, everything is done to keep the player in suspense, unlike a 20 against 20 slower and more thoughtful.

Otherwise, forget about the good old Territory War. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare offers this year gigantic maps – which you can walk around on a quad – on which the confrontation is done at 40. The only game mode tested during the event was a Domination with five points to capture. And if the gameplay is necessarily less dynamic than in the traditional modes that we know, it is much more strategic. It is almost impossible to tell the difference in solo, at the risk of being quickly overwhelmed by enemy waves. You have to organize your raids with the help of your teammates in order to keep control over the game.

Its two game modes – diametrically opposed – offer greater flexibility to players. Whether we like it or not, we can only salute the effort of Infinity Ward which thus diversifies its content.

Night vision

Another novelty of this Call of Duty: the arrival of night vision. In the half-light of a nocturnal map (or a cave), you must then use specific glasses in order to be able to see your enemies. All weapons are also equipped with infrared laser for better precision. But beware: these can also allow your opponents to spot you. In addition, its dark parts are played like a hardcore mode. You do not get any information on the screen. Not even points that appear when you take a kill. For greater realism, Activision claims to have worked on these clashes with former soldiers. And note that it is also possible to deactivate the night vision, but we find ourselves plunged into almost total darkness. The concept is interesting, but it remains to be seen how these parts will fit together in the already existing rotations.

Return of the killstreaks

Here, we are not talking about a real novelty, but rather a welcome return. That of the killstreak bonuses. Early fans will once again be able to send each other drones, packages or even air strikes of all kinds. To better add, according to the developers, additional pressure. The desired goal? Find that little stress that we all know when we are about to unlock our favorite bonus. A formula forgotten for several games, but which has greatly contributed to the success of the various multiplayers in the series.

Otherwise, note that a tank that can accommodate two players is present in the game. Enjoy.

A multitude of accessories

The developers repeated it several times during the presentation on stage: the weapon is the main character in multiplayer. The Infinity Ward team is therefore presenting several new features this year concerning the proposed arsenal. Like a brand new menu – called Gun Bench in VO – with a really good face. Which is appreciable, when you know that you will spend hours looking at it, personalizing your different weapons. It is indeed possible to mount up to five accessories on each weapon, knowing that there are more than five categories of accessories. The number of possible combinations then becomes mind-boggling. In this way, the weapons adapt much better to your style of play. And good news: when you die in part, you have the possibility of changing class, but also of accessories. What not to be too punished by a prior error of judgment. Regarding the numbers, we have been confirmed that 60 accessories will be available for assault rifles, SMG and LMG, and only 30 for handguns.

The arrival of cross-play and the end of the Season Pass

Infinity Ward decided to demolish the walls. Work that aims to take advantage of a wide open living room, which can accommodate the entire community. Goodbye, groups of friends who cannot play together under the pretext of not playing on the same platform. Cross-play is well confirmed on this Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, for players on PS4 / Xbox and PC. Great progress for the license, and a well thought out operation. According to the team in charge of multiplayer, matchmaking would indeed not be determined solely by the platform, but also by… the device used. This means that a PS4 player who plugs his keyboard and mouse into his console necessarily ends up with other players who play on the same medium. Impossible therefore to take the advantage in this way on poor players who play the controller. We are now asking to see what it will look like once the game is released, because unfortunately we were not able to test this feature on site.

Another partition destroyed: the Season Pass. This model is gone on the side of Infinity Ward. As well as the absence of cross-play, the various Season Passes were as many barriers posed between the players. Those who did not want to checkout did not have all of the content on offer, and could not join their friends in their lobbies. This system goes straight into the trash, and no one will miss it. It now remains to determine how the additional content will be offered, as no one was able to answer this question. Maybe we’ll see the arrival of a Battle Pass?

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare unveils its multiplayer, here’s what to remember

The developers of the next Call of Duty: Modern Warfare had given us an appointment this evening at 7 p.m. for a live presentation. It is on their official Twitch channel that the studio lifted the veil on its multiplayer mode.

A beta in September for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Unlike the previous year, this opus will indeed host a single player campaign. However, the multi component will remain an important part within this episode. We told you about it yesterday, so killstreaks will obviously be back in competitive mode. After showing us the first images of multiplayer through the new game mode named Gunfight.

Featuring a 2v2 clash over several rounds. It was the game’s Twitter account that teased us the introduction to the start of the round. Now it’s a complete tour of the entire multiplayer universe that we had the right to during a live this Thursday August 1st.

A beta will be available from September 12 on PlayStation 4 only. It was at the end of the opening trailer that the date was revealed. Only, no details concerning the schedules, or even the other platforms. The mention “First PS4” indeed proves that the Xbox and the PC will also have the right to their test session. But it will surely be necessary to wait an additional week before being able to try the next episode of the series. We remind you that to play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare on PC, you will have to go through Battle.net.

Dates beta exclusives PlayStation 4 :

  • Access on September 12 and 13 reserved for pre-orders
  • September 14-16 for all PlayStation 4 players

Open beta dates in crossplay:

  • Access on September 19 and 20 reserved for pre-orders on Xbox One and PC; open beta on PlayStation 4
  • From September 21 to 23 on all platforms

The show then turned to the presentation of the Dark Edition for several minutes. Before recalling that the title will be cross-play and that no Season Pass will be on the menu of this Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. A decision to say the least surprising in the immediate coming from Activision. The publisher seems to want to review his copy and thus come to side with the service games which no longer offers this kind of product. Even if it is certain that a virtual currency will be present, it should only concern the aesthetic part.

We’re leaving the Season Pass aside to give players a slew of additional maps and a ton of free content after launch.

Gameplay and a whole new way to play

From the first images, it is possible to realize that the personalization of the characters and the weapons will be complete. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare bills itself as the most customizable of the entire series, while remaining true to the universe. Indeed, it was clarified that there will be no question of seeing unicorn submachine guns or soldiers disguised as dinosaurs. The possibilities will remain in the spirit of modern warfare in order to preserve the original feel of the title.

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