[GUIDE] : Call of Duty Modern Warfare – What’s the best episode and campaign in the Part One franchise

Call of Duty Modern Warfare – The Best Episode

The license offers a real homecoming with this Call of Duty Modern Warfare. A reboot which makes a clean sweep of the last episodes generally offering fictitious and futuristic contexts. IcCall of Duty Modern Warfare – The best episode, it is about taking the DNA of the Modern Warfare sequel representing the golden age of the franchise with a vision much closer to reality. The development teams offer this time a dark, shocking and fashionable title.

The series decides to relocate a single player campaign, as well as the Special Ops mode and all of this obviously accompanied by its multi-faceted competitive multiplayer mode. A formula that has therefore been proven in the past, but will it be enough to fully win back the hearts of the many players lost along the way?

Test conditions: We went through the title’s single player campaign completely at first. In terms of multi and co-op, we played about twenty hours in total. This entire test was performed on PlayStation 4 Pro.

It is in the old pots that …

The Modern Warfare series is obviously the starting point for a real success, both critical and commercial, for the Call of Duty franchise. Players will remember for sure the fourth installment featuring modern day warfare for the very first time and thus rooting out the WWII license. A real slap on several levels for fans of the FPS and which will have been able to extend over three episodes. Many years later, the studio decides to retrace its steps by naming this sixteenth episode soberly Modern Warfare. More than just a name, it clearly marks the desire to rewrite the history of a solid sequel that made the happy days of the publisher and its teams.

Where in the past the game offered spectacular campaigns with incredible scenarios accompanied by Hollywood action scenes, this Modern Warfare will be much closer to reality, thus making it possible to shock the player in the face of situations close to our actuality with especially terrorism as a standard bearer. Although geopolitically debatable, this episode will certainly succeed in its objective, that of involving the player in the face of morally embarrassing situations.

It is also recalled that Call of Duty Modern Warfare contains violent and intense scenes at the start of each game. It will obviously be necessary to try to keep the title away from the most innocent hands and to respect the recommended age. Because this campaign is still difficult to swallow as a whole and especially during certain scenes. But that’s what ultimately makes the charm of this dark story in a fight that we want to end.

The narration is accompanied by perfectly produced cinematics thus allowing to punctuate our experience with in particular the presence of emblematic characters within this adventure. Despite the lack of interest of some protagonists, we will still remember the arrival of Farah Karim in the cast, which adds real depth to the scenario.

A shock campaign!

[GUIDE] : Call of Duty Modern Warfare - What's the best episode and campaign in the Part One franchise

This campaign is particularly interesting as a whole, offering a sustained pace and varied situations. Each mission sends the player into different settings, leaving little room for weariness. Admittedly, this remains debatable in certain writing choices but is not content to shock for the sake of martyrdom. She draws heavily on real facts and brings it to the heart of her storytelling with the sole aim of giving players a cohesive and impactful experience.

We quickly find ourselves caught up in the game in an intense and relentless hunt. To make it short, we are looking for chemical weapons stolen by a dangerous organization. It is unimaginable to leave such weapons in the wrong hands, while trying not to start a new World War. The context could be similar to the current tensions in our society, a kind of shadow war in which the battles take place under the carpet.

And this is all the intelligence of this writing, we play different points of view parallel within the same fight. Farah Karim describes war as his daily life in the lands of the Middle East. While our American and British soldiers are asking for help because certain terrorist acts are starting to appear in Europe in particular. The fighter puts us face to face with our realities and we will have to take the problem at the source. Although in general the storyline remains to curb the evil terrorists, there is a strong message in the background which must go through violence to understand our reality.

Let’s not forget that Call of Duty remains a game and the excellent one Captain Price will also be there to remind us. He has embodied a certain form of heroism since the beginning of the series and allows here to punctuate the whole thanks to staging placing him in a kind of super-soldier that the world needs. The campaign will keep you going for 6 or 8 hours of play throughout the 14 missions available.

A Call of 16.1?

[GUIDE] : Call of Duty Modern Warfare - What's the best episode and campaign in the Part One franchise

Apart from the direction taken by the title, does this Call of Duty Modern Warfare offer any real novelties? It is true that each year the franchise gets a new game that is not always very innovative in its approach. The license has always known how to offer different experiences in various contexts, but this time this MW seems to stand out. In particular with the technical contribution of a new graphics engine. Indeed, never has a COD been so beautiful graphically.

It’s a real graphic gap this year with much finer and more detailed textures than previous productions. The title offers us environments ever closer to realism sublimated by convincing light effects. We can only recommend the PC version accompanied by RTX technology for a bluffing rendering.

But that’s not all, the changes are also numerous in the architecture of this Modern Warfare. We think directly of its multiplayer mode which has a whole new approach. We therefore do not forget the paid DLC packages embedded in its Season Pass because this year all post-launch content will be completely free. The studio wants to bring all the experience that their production can offer on an equal footing with players. It is a well-known system in the Free-to-play world.

From now on, Call of Duty Modern Warfare will offer a Battle Pass and a store entirely dedicated to purely aesthetic items. Your experience will be punctuated by the many challenges allowing you to unlock various emblems, titles and whatnot.

On the gameplay side, this new episode is not to be outdone with some major new additions. Players will indeed have to adapt to some changes in the way they play. Unlike Black Ops 4, health resumes the old system where it rises after a few seconds without taking damage. You will also be able to put your weapon on the different edges of your environment. This action will greatly stabilize your aim but also make you as little visible as possible to your enemies, offering significant cover. MW therefore resumes a gameplay much more relaxed in its habits and much less vertical than the last games of the franchise.

That’s not all, because personalization is also reaching new heights this year. Players will be able to customize their weapons in every way thanks to the tons of accessories available. An MP5 can therefore adopt many shapes, for example ranging from the barrel, to the grip or even the stock. As you will have understood, it will be difficult to have the same weapon as your opponent and everyone will therefore be able to find something for them. Obviously, your toys will have camouflages, lucky charms and stickers to fight with ever more style. Very numerous possibilities perfectly compatible with the new economic system put in place.

A multi-cocktail for all tastes!

[GUIDE] : Call of Duty Modern Warfare - What's the best episode and campaign in the Part One franchise

Each year, competitive multiplayer remains the spearhead of the series. As said above, it offers a whole bunch of possibilities and customization making this the most complete opus of the license. And it’s not the game modes that will disappoint you because there are the great classics of the genre such as Domination, Team Deathmatch or even Search and Destruction. In addition, there are some really interesting new features. We think of fashion Cyber ​​attack which is a kind of mix between Search and Destruction and Demolition for connoisseurs with the possibility of reviving your fallen teammates.

Another novelty highlighted in recent months, the fashion Skirmish. It is the formula between two teams of 2 players within a rather small map. An interesting variant offering intense matches and can surely appeal to followers of the competitive world. A way Realism is also present and as its name suggests, it aims to increase immersion by completely removing ATH. A funny proposal when we know that a few months ago the title wanted to remove the mini-map on all game modes, before going back in the face of complaints from players during the test phases.

Impossible not to evoke the mode Land war, which was a real surprise when it was announced. The Battlefield formula adapted to the Call of Duty sauce. That is, large-scale fights between 64 players structured by a squad system. We can obviously count on the presence of combat vehicles. So of course, this mode looks like a cheap version of its competitor but still has the merit of being pleasant to play and as well as offering an additional experience to the fans.